Sarah Palin Idiotically Misrepresenting Women

In a Facebook message to her followers, Sarah Palin wrote today that Women’s Rights groups, such as NOW ”call out advertisers and networks for airing sexist and demeaning portrayals of women that lead to young women’s diminished self-esteem and acceptance of roles as mere sexed-up objects”.

However, she is criticizing their protest of CBS airing a pro-life ad for the upcoming Super Bowl game. It apparently will feature Mrs. Tebow, mother of Heisman trophy winner Tim Tebow talking about her decision to give Tim life despite ‘‘less than ideal circumstances”.  Sarah supports the commercial as it praises the ”sanctity of life and the beautiful potential within every innocent child”.

Sarah says that NOW is looking at pro-life backwards because ”women should be reminded that they are strong enough and smart enough to make decisions that allow for career and educational opportunities while still giving their babies a chance at life.”

She also goes onto say that pro-abortion rights group disagreed with her daughter Bristol’s decision to have her baby and her recent abstinence message.

To be honest, Bristol was 17 years old when she had her child. She has no education other than a high school diploma, which in this day and age is not enough to survive in the real world nor do we think she will have the time for a career or education in the near future.

Maybe the pro-abortion groups were looking at the fact that there are statistically poorer ”life outcomes” for children born to teenage moms. We have to say that we agree with NOW in that it seems ridiculous CBS is allowing an ad with a controversial subject matter during a time in which all Americans will be watching.

True, pro-life is as much a choice as abortion but whether you keep a child or not is not the issue.

It’s about being realistic. The highest teenage pregnancy rates are in the US and UK. Who can live in a Sarah Palin-painted world? Bristol is lucky to have had a mother like her but getting pregnant as a teen shouldn’t be something young women strive for. We wouldn’t imagine many want to either. Also, sometimes there isn’t anyone else.

Women can come through as powerful and independent having raised a child on their own as a teen but it is rare and difficult to do.

Avatar Is The 26th Biggest Movie Of All Time

Avatar has just sunk the Titanic and become the highest grossing film of all time, however, something people keep forgetting to note is that ticket prices have increased over the years and the number of tickets sold are actually more accurate in determining a film’s popularity.

This means that Gone With The Wind (1939) reigns over all as the most popular film of all time with 202,044,600 tickets sold, with 1977’s Star Wars following behind at 178,119,600 and 1965’s The Sound of Music with 142,415,400.

For the moment, Avatar has sold 76,421,000. A number, which is steadily climbing.

Whether or not it can reach the 200 million of Gone With The Wind is another question.

Art By Koko The Gorilla & Michael

Bird By Koko, her interpretation of a bluebirdLove By KokoToy Dinosaur By MichaelApply Chase By Michael. A painting of his dog by memory and a tribute to Chase, a game they used to play.
You have to love all the Coco‘s in the world. They are just too irresistible to deny. Today, we were introduced to another Koko, who paints. She along with Michael sell their paintings on the Gorilla Foundation’s website. What you will be surprised to find out is that Koko and Michael are both gorillas.

She and Michael are participants in The Gorilla Language Project, or Project Koko, the “longest continuous inter-species communications project of its kind in the world that studies gorilla intelligence and behaviour.” Koko has shown herself to be the most advanced in language as compared to other non-homosapiens as proven through her ability to sign over 1000 words and understanding of around 2,000 words of spoken English. She also possesses an IQ between 70 to 95 on a human scale, almost at the 100 that it would take to be considered “normal.”

Koko, born in 1971 and Michael, born in 1973, both female and male lowland gorillas were brought in to participate in the study in the effort to learn how to better cater to the species’ physical and psychological needs. Through this, humans will be able to determine how the lives of captive gorillas can be improved and how they can protect free-living gorillas from extinction.

These paintings document and colourfully illustrate Koko and Michael’s daily emotional journey. Something that has been strongly recognized is Koko’s empathy and range of emotions. Through buying the paintings, which range from $100-$350, you support the basic rights of Koko.

A Beautiful Portuguese Music Moment

Sometimes you don’t even have to know what someone is saying and it still maintains at sounding like the most beautiful thing in the world. Isabella Taviani does just that with her new single Presente-Passado, which if we were to guess means Present-Past?

Chris Brown With “Bruised and Beaten” Jean Paul Gaultier

Chris Brown, pick up the phone. It’s irony calling. On January 21st, Gaultier was in Paris for his boxing theme menswear fashion show so, his “bruised” appearance is all makeup.

However, doesn’t this remind you of Rihanna’s picture after she was beaten? What is failed to be understood is why people say, ‘Chris has still got it!’, when no one questions his talent but his qualities as a role model. A year hasn’t even passed and he’s posing in a picture like this?

Incomprehensible! And it’s not over-sensitivity talking. It’s blatant shamelessness!

The Most Amazing Luxury Watches By An Artist

Yvan Arpa calls himself not a watchmaker but an artist and if you have had the pleasure of seeing his art watch creations for his new brand Artya, you would agree. Typically when a unique watch enters the market, the price will usually be in the $100,000 dollar range but these one-of-a-kind watches are roughly or under $10, 000!

This apparently has something to do with the organic way in which the cases are made as Artya creates unique cases more organically using artificial lightning that “tortures” the watches. Though most cases are ruined beyond recognition, this can creates interesting and unique water-resistant pieces.

In the watch pictured above, there is also the element of toad skin. Unexpected but different!

A Picasso: Ripped Victim Of A Misguided Tourist

The painting called The Actor, a tableau Picasso completed during his Rose Period in 1905 was the unfortunate receiver of a 6 inch tear last week when a woman leaned in a little too closely and lost her balance. The $80 million dollar painting served as the proverbial ‘pillow’ she then fell onto. There is hope however, as the Met stated in their press release that the piece could be fixed seeing that the damage was done in the lower right corner. When restored, it will be presented along with 250 other works of art by Picasso at the Met for the upcoming exhibit occurring April 27 through til August 1, 2010.

Another Picasso saved, it seems!