In Case You’re Interested

Jean Paul Gaultier has slightly changed the look of his signature busty perfume bottle but it remains the same with the addition of an ”X”. The perfume called Le Classique will be available as soon as next month. In what is described as a concoction of feminine notes (who knows) mandarin and orange tree flowers, the X Collection promises sensual and sexy in its alluring odeur.

The eau de toilette Jean Paul Gaultier « Classique » X collection will be on sale for 90€ ($134,8) for 100ml and 63€ ($94.3) for 50ml.

We don’t know we’ve never had their eau but it sounds like it’s going to be sweet and fruity.

You know, the X kinda reminds us of X-men now that we think of it.


The Secret Partnership Between Walmart And Halle Berry

Bet you didn’t even know that Halle Berry had any perfume out at all. She is not releasing her first but in fact, her second eau de fun and no one seems to have known about it..except beloved Walmart. We also found it quite curious that there seems to be no publicity for her perfume of the name Halle by Halle Berry Pure Orchid. Maybe they were depending on the product detail style description Exotic. Mysterious. Intensely sensual OoOo or maybe the perfume tag line beauty blooms within. A seductive, sensual experience awaits you with Halle Pure Orchid, the floral, woody fragrance from Halle Berry. The perfume’s notes are Jungle Cactus Flower, Italian Lemon, Blackberry Creme Concentre, Star Anise, Masdevallia Orchid, Giant Sequoia, Patchouli Leaf

Wonder if the new aroma will be any good.

Have you heard of the illustrious perfume?

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Beyonce’s Heat Commercial Kinda Overplayed

We don’t know. We feel like this is the same kind of sexual Beyonce we see everywhere. The dress isn’t as flattering as it could be and the last line before exiting could have sounded less rehearsed. Seriously, we know the perfume is called Heat, dive into fire or something!

Though it was lack-lustre for us, it might have been more..interesting with this

Hire Michael Bay next time!

Surprising Best Selling Celebrity Perfumes of All Time

A research study conducted by Euromonitor International has shown that Elizabeth Taylor‘s White Diamonds has the best sales in the US market at $67.2 million, which is not so surprising. The perfume has a powdery scent, which slightly reminds us of Bulgari. We think its’ success can be attributed to the abundance of elderly dames out and about. The baby boomers are the largest age demographic so let’s not kid ourselves into thinking J.Lo or Britney stank would appeal to them.
But with P.Diddy Puff, Seans Combs’ cologne Sean John Unforgivable coming in at number 2 with $48.5 million in sales, we have say we were a little surprised.
Even more surprised with Celine Dion at number 3,
Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker came in 4th (what?) with Derek Jeter Driven at 5. The list just gets worse and worse doesn’t it? Who even knew he had one out. Do you EVEN remember who he is!? We say the same of Diavolo by Antonio Banderas at 6.

Oddly enough, J.Lo and Britney Spears who we expected to top the list round it out.

Still on Hiatus But We Couldn’t Resist!!

Coco Chanel has arrived in Shanghai and she is celebrating! Her conquest of the East continues as Shanghai welcomes her with open arms as Paris-London and Paris-Moscow had before. Her recent success with the East began with the Russian market with the Paris-Moscow 2008 collection. So it is no wonder that Chinese consumers will also be LOVING the new boutique that has just opened!

Chanel has chosen to celebrate the arrival of the Haute Couture maison in Shanghai by choosing to launch the Pre-Fall fashion show at the same time that she opens the doors to her new boutique in Asia’s new centre. Not only that but even Karl Lagerfeld couldn’t contain his excitement as a little film of 28 minutes named « Paris-Shanghai, a Fantasy » will be released directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself!
The film is described as being very esthetic and best of all, it contains all things Coco! Ok, so it’s a little theatre-y and honestly the airhead actress trying on Coco’s jacket? Anyway, the film shows Coco Chanel during the 30s and 60s taken on a journey from Paris to Shanghai. A number of classic items from the maison are shown such as her perfume Chanel No. 5, the Chanel vest, padded bags and the myth of Coco as an influence and inspiration.
We think Karl they could have done better but we love the pieces used.

Also, why is the Emperor of China white here? What Karl, you ran out of Asians or are you assuming everyone wants to be white!

Ignoring this we say Congratulations Chanel in your Asian ventures!

How to meet “the one”: Chanel No. 5

It has been revealed that Chanel No.5 is the perfume most likely to attract a date and according to a survey of 3000 women has a statistic of 1 in 10 women finding ”The One” while wearing it!

The perfume has been the best-selling fragrance since the late 1920’s.

The perfume’s creator Russian perfumier, Ernest Beaux had been asked by Coco Chanel for ”something that smelled like a woman”, which was exactly what he created for her.

It was Marilyn Monroe’s preferred scent (to wear to bed) and it has also had many famous faces to represent the perfume, like it’s current face: Audrey Tatou.

It was also immortalized as a 20th century icon and added to the permanent collections of the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1959 followed by Andy Warhol in 9 silk screens.

How Iconic!

We have Coco Mademoiselle…does that count?

Want to smell like your Favourite DEAD celebrity?

this is creepy

My DNA Fragrance is a company specializing in perfume drawn from your own DNA. Eww..or rather we’re confused what does dna smell like?

The company, in a new twist, is taking this dna idea and applying it to dead celebrities. My DNA Fragrance has enlisted the help of celebrity hair collector John Reznikoff, and they will use hair samples to create DNA perfumes based off of the genetic make-up of Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, MJ, and more.

Where can I score some of this you might wonder? Well, before you make that decision it is not guaranteed that any hair from the celebrities will be useful.

“To use hair for the analysis of DNA (paternity tests, crime investigations, etc), or in this case, to create a cosmetic product, the hair must be uprooted. The hair from clippings, or which falls out, or found in combs for example, isn’t useful for these analyses, as it doesn’t contain DNA. It’s very, very unlikely that this source of celebrity hair has the follicle, but even if a few were found, it’s not at all clear what would be done to create a fragrance from that information.”

Sounds like another scheme to profit off the DEAD

Sunshine Cuties from Gwen Stephani!

Gwen Stephani is enjoying the fruits of her labour from her L.A.M.B line but her increasingly popular line of Harajuku Girls Fragrance Dolls has her inspired enough that she’s creating some friends for the girls called the Sunshine Cuties. Gwen said “We wanted to change up the outfits, because that’s what they are — little fashion plates.” They also each have scents to match their personalities. Love:fruity floral, Lil Angel: citrusy vanilla scent, Music:sensuous floral, Baby: dewy floral and G: creamy musk.

The line is set to release in February 2010 but they will only be available for a limited time!!

Cant wait to get our hands our one of these little dolls! Yayy!