Susan Boyle Loves The Boys And Botox!

Oh tragedy! Did SuBo give into THE FAME?

She has allegedly taken a liking to botox? In her interview with Italian Grazia magazine, sources say yes!

“I haven’t changed from an ugly duckling to swan but I do try and take care of myself. I have a new hairdresser and have discovered Botox, as well as getting my teeth whitened. I’ve lost weight for my own self esteem. It’s all been very important. I have the closet of a star [now]. Before, I had to save and recycle clothes – for example, the outfit I wore on Britain’s Got Talent I had bought for my brother’s wedding.”

On the subject of the other sex, reports say Subo thinks, ”that would be nice. To be honest, I have had a few offers but at the moment I am just so busy. For the time being, I have my cat Pebbles to keep me company, he is the most reliable companion.”

Yet, Sony Music denies Subo having even spoken to Grazia and states that she’s never used Botox.

We don’t know if there’s any truth to these rumours but we don’t think she should botox it up!

Don’t give in to the Hollywood Beast Susan!

Kate Gosselin and Her $7000 Weave

Ms. Katey was given a new makeover from Ted Gibson. The hair affair was filmed by TLC as part of Kate The Clean Slate where Kate takes the first steps in moving on after Jon Douche. Luckily, she didn’t have to pay a cent. Ted Gibson says that usually his haircuts are $950. For Kate “the color would have been about $500, and the extensions, which were great length extensions, would probably cost about $5000”.

7000 dollars for a hair cut and she didn’t seem so happy! Lucky Ingrate! Except it took about 20 hours to do, maybe she was tired?

Personally, we would have recommended that she shouldn’t have had so many layers put in and the dye job should have all been the same colour or highlighted better in that all colours match. There is also too much volume on top to sustain the hairstyle.

The good thing is that if this ever happens to you, it should grow out into a nice cut in a few months depending upon how fast your hair grows.

Hopefully the hair doesn’t deter Kate from having a clean slate but a make-over can sometimes be a great way of seeing the world differently especially if it does make you feel better about yourself!