Governor General Michaelle Jean Crying At Hearing Destruction Of Her Homeland of Haiti

Michaelle Jean has been known for wearing her heart on her sleeve but somehow managed to keep her composure for a very long time before breaking down into tears saying, “Now more than ever, it is time for us to show our solidarity with the most vulnerable people in the Americas, our brothers and sisters in Haiti, whose courage is once again being so harshly tested.”

The Olympic Torch Has Reached Edmonton

Excitement and winter fun is in the air. The torch has arrived to cheers and Edmonton today, close to reaching the Vancouver Olympic Games!

Woo hoo!

Yes We Can Obama Musical In Germany!

It is not the first time President Obama has been the inspired subject of a musical play. Last year, “Obama On My Mind” in London and “Obama: The Musical” in Nairobi, Kenya premiered. Barack Obama can now add a third musical creation to his tribute entitled “Hope — the Obama Musical Story” premiering this weekend in Germany. It starts 20 years ago when he was a community organizer and leads all the way to his presidency, concentrating mostly on his electoral campaign. Songs with quotes of politicians’ blundered speeches during the U.S presidential campaign of 2008 will be sung along with John McCain and Sarah Palin. There will even be duets with Hillary Clinton and love songs from Obama to wife Michelle.

How sweet!

The piece is set in Obama’s hometown of Chicago and meant to show “the great, collective emotion” there was for change for a better life”.

The 30 performers involved are ”rehearsing 12 hours a day” to perfect their kicks, Jimmie Wilson who plays Obama enthused.

Audience members can even get involved with the mini drums they will have built in their chairs. To attend the blessed event, you can buy tickets for the premiere online and only the premiere since it is being used as an ‘interest’ indicator.

The tickets range from euro40 to euro149 ($58 and $215).

Would you see a musical rendition of Yes We Can?

Sarah Palin’s Debut On Fox

What do you think about Fox’s newest addition?

In Case You’re Interested

Jean Paul Gaultier has slightly changed the look of his signature busty perfume bottle but it remains the same with the addition of an ”X”. The perfume called Le Classique will be available as soon as next month. In what is described as a concoction of feminine notes (who knows) mandarin and orange tree flowers, the X Collection promises sensual and sexy in its alluring odeur.

The eau de toilette Jean Paul Gaultier « Classique » X collection will be on sale for 90€ ($134,8) for 100ml and 63€ ($94.3) for 50ml.

We don’t know we’ve never had their eau but it sounds like it’s going to be sweet and fruity.

You know, the X kinda reminds us of X-men now that we think of it.

Clinton ”We Have To Save Lives”

Sad sad

Bill Clinton lends his voice to encourage the world to help Haiti. This is part of the 10pm interview set to air tonight.

Friends Of Kathy

Sailor swearing on CNN to sailor swearing with refined company.

Whether it’s playing in Suze Orman‘s closet or showing off her Emmys with Anderson Cooper, Kathy maintains her hilarious. Surprised pictures of Larry didn’t show up on her twitter.

Wish WE had friends like that!


Paul Grabham killed Kirsty, his wife while she was working in a massage parlour as a prostitute. She was found in a suitcase last year at Bridgend dumped under a bridge on April 6.

If you’re thinking it had something to do with prostitution or massage parlours, it’s not. Grabham met Kirsty in a massage parlour as a client. After they married, Grabham also became a prostitute and sold his services with her on on their joint website.

Their violence towards each other was substantiated by neighbours saw Grabham lifted his wife by the throat off the ground and via the facial cuts that sometimes appeared on Grabham, courtesy of his wife. They were also constantly heard arguing by neighbours.

Though Grabham reported his wife missing a week before; he is now is court denying murder charges.


Matt LeBlanc Goes Blanc

Well, more a dusty grey with a tiny bit of poundage. Still good in our book.

How U doin?

Barbie Is The Venus de Milo, Statue Of Liberty AND COCO!

Barbie really does get around. Now, she delves into the art world assuming famous artwork and subjects as Coco Chanel, Venus de Milo, Girl With The Pearl Earring painting, Nefertiti and . She even gets onto the 1950s cover of Vogue shot by Erwin Blumenfeld.

We really like it but where are the ethnic sisters or the Asians or Caramel persuasion?

Rihanna For W

Rihanna makes the cover of W and we have to say: STOP doing that sour face, gun in the mouth crap.

Trying a little too hard for that ”edge”

Facebook Partners With McAfee For Virus Protection


More than £7.5 billion ($29.4 billion) worth of McAfee computer security software is now available to all of 350 million Facebook users in the UK, United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, with more countries to be included in the coming months. This is thanks to a global deal that now cites McAfee as the official Facebook computer security provider.

Users will be provided with six months of free virus protection worth £22.50 ($37.77) with the option to buy afterwards at a reduced rate. As malicious software and virus attacks appear to be on the rise with 78% of Internet users not updating their anti-virus and spyware programmes, this partnership comes as a veritable solution.

Facebook’s vice-president of global communications, marketing and public policy Elliot Schrage, “We are taking an unprecedented step towards making the entire Internet more secure and reducing the possibility of threats being brought on to our service by unsuspecting users, keeping the Internet secure requires that users, security vendors and internet companies all work together. We think we’ve developed an excellent model for this collaboration, and to ensure the greatest possible value to our users, Facebook will not accept any revenue from subscriptions. We hope this is something that other services will emulate.”

What a Great Idea!

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