Loyal Employees Of Conan O’Brien Unite

This presidentially styled image by Mike Mitchel has been making its rounds on the web proclaiming, ”I’m with Coco”, which reminds us more of Coco Chanel but she was a strong, influential figure so guess that works? In any case, it is a strong indication of just how loyal Conan O’Brien’s employees are to keep him at 11:35. They have also taken to Facebook to express their distaste and promote awareness of Conan’s mistreatment in the wake of the NBC scheduling blunder, which is already upto 72,000 in supporters with numerous pieces of fan art.

We’ve decided. We’re with Coco too! Or maybe it’s just fun to say. What is certain? NBC needs to find a solution fast!

Update: Either they were ready for this or they’re really good. T-shirts are already made for Coco with part of the proceeds going to the Haitian Relief fund. Oh AND they also have a site.

Chanel Proclaims Throw Away Your Lipgloss For Lipstick!

Chanel is confident that 2010 is the year that lipstick will prevail over lipgloss as they launch their new lipstick line Rouge Coco de Chanel, which advertises a hydrating and long-lasting formulation, a quality lipgloss does not possess. The woman chosen as face of this campaign is none other than Vanessa Paradis, Johnny Depp’s love.

Chanel’s global cosmetic creative director Peter Philips complained “Women seem to have forgotten how to apply lipstick, we have a whole generation of lip-gloss girls. Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with lip gloss — but there is something so feminine about the act of applying lipstick. I want to make lipstick as easy to apply as lip gloss, and for a long-lasting formula to feel comfortable on the lips.”

We are not foreign to the shiny allure of the convenient lipgloss but we would not say its effect of making moist, kissable lips is unfeminine. Peter Philips also forgot to mention one thing, not everyone can pull off lipstick. It has the ability to make one look sexy and confident but can also be garish and more lady of the night than lady.

We would say that lipgloss is slightly tinted and has about the same colour as other lipglosses. We also would say that it is quickest little piece of magic to apply though it lasts only about a half-hour and you can feel just as sexy wearing it.  Lipstick however, bursts with versatility in its variation of colours and finishes (matter, lustre, whatever) it comes in. Even though it is a bit more time-consuming to put on, it can be a sophisticated statement highlighting a woman’s ‘coming of age’ or a bright, bold statement expressing confidence and certainty.

We have worn lipgloss more often than lipstick but before Chanel’s announcement, we were thinking along the same lines in that it is nice to wear. We think that from the act of applying it to the way in which we are perceived while wearing it can lend someone a sophisticated air they may not have had before and the comfortable contentment that they have come to terms with who they are as women.

We can’t forget lipgloss our dear saviour but lipstick is lovely

Chanel To Sell Temporary Tattoos

Developed by creative director Peter Phillips, the tattoos boast interesting designs with the Chanel logo and seem as if they could be put anywhere!

On March 1, there are fifty-five different designs will be released, packaged under the name of Les Trompe L’Oeil de Chanel that will be available online and in international department stores such as Selfridges for $75

For $75 dollars, we don’t think so but they are kinda interesting.

Karl, Coco And Size

How many previews of this issue are there going to be? Come out with it already! The above images are done by Karl Lagerfeld and he decide to take part in the highly-discussed plus-size issue for V. And despite what he has been quoted as saying, he was probably the best to take these. We prefer these in fact to this

Her pasties do remind us of something in a Dita Von Teese show though. We do love the accessories though!

Credit to: MODELS.com’s exclusive preview of V Magazine’s Size / Spring Preview 2010 issue

Coco or Coco?

As you might know, there were two films released this last year that paid tribute to the late Coco Chanel. One was Coco Avant Chanel with Audrey Tatou and the other was Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky. However, lepoint.fr states that Coco Chanel & Igor Stravinsky is more about Igor than Coco. This particular film that debuted recently in France on December 30 paints Coco Chanel as an inspiration to Igor and as such, is credited for renewed success of Igor’s music. However, they are also depicted as ”two sacred monsters”, separate entities who refuse to leave their ‘ivory towers’. We see Coco’s grace and elegance contrasted by Igor’s coldness and gruffness so ”we find it hard to stay interested in their love story when even their embraces seem rehearsed”.

Hmm, interesting focus. But if it is true that the film dealt more with Igor’s rise from the ashes, perhaps a change in title would have been more appropriate? We will admit that we have only seen Coco Avant Chanel and though it was interesting, shows Coco in a more subdued, shaded light. We don’t see her as the woman who generously offered Igor and his family to stay in her villa but as a woman who came to a wealthy acquaintance’s house, earning sleeping her keep while being hidden away.

Frankly, we wish we could have seen Coco more in terms of fashion and influence but in any case, despite the depictions of the late Coco Chanel in film or by Karl, she remains an inspiration and example to women because she was able to envision and effect change in the world of fashion.

Which Coco did you prefer?

Still on Hiatus But We Couldn’t Resist!!

Coco Chanel has arrived in Shanghai and she is celebrating! Her conquest of the East continues as Shanghai welcomes her with open arms as Paris-London and Paris-Moscow had before. Her recent success with the East began with the Russian market with the Paris-Moscow 2008 collection. So it is no wonder that Chinese consumers will also be LOVING the new boutique that has just opened!

Chanel has chosen to celebrate the arrival of the Haute Couture maison in Shanghai by choosing to launch the Pre-Fall fashion show at the same time that she opens the doors to her new boutique in Asia’s new centre. Not only that but even Karl Lagerfeld couldn’t contain his excitement as a little film of 28 minutes named « Paris-Shanghai, a Fantasy » will be released directed by Karl Lagerfeld himself!
The film is described as being very esthetic and best of all, it contains all things Coco! Ok, so it’s a little theatre-y and honestly the airhead actress trying on Coco’s jacket? Anyway, the film shows Coco Chanel during the 30s and 60s taken on a journey from Paris to Shanghai. A number of classic items from the maison are shown such as her perfume Chanel No. 5, the Chanel vest, padded bags and the myth of Coco as an influence and inspiration.
We think Karl they could have done better but we love the pieces used.

Also, why is the Emperor of China white here? What Karl, you ran out of Asians or are you assuming everyone wants to be white!

Ignoring this we say Congratulations Chanel in your Asian ventures!

How to meet “the one”: Chanel No. 5

It has been revealed that Chanel No.5 is the perfume most likely to attract a date and according to a survey of 3000 women has a statistic of 1 in 10 women finding ”The One” while wearing it!

The perfume has been the best-selling fragrance since the late 1920’s.

The perfume’s creator Russian perfumier, Ernest Beaux had been asked by Coco Chanel for ”something that smelled like a woman”, which was exactly what he created for her.

It was Marilyn Monroe’s preferred scent (to wear to bed) and it has also had many famous faces to represent the perfume, like it’s current face: Audrey Tatou.

It was also immortalized as a 20th century icon and added to the permanent collections of the New York Museum of Modern Art in 1959 followed by Andy Warhol in 9 silk screens.

How Iconic!

We have Coco Mademoiselle…does that count?

From Coco

“Success is often achieved by those who don’t know that failure is inevitable.”