Speaking Of Vampire Movies like Daybreakers For Instance…ughh Not Again

You knew it was inevitable! Especially with the release of the new vampire flick Daybreakers. It’s not Vampire Diaries, True Blood or ugh Twilight but it does deal with similar ..recurring themes like the tortured soul, which seem to be present in all fang-related films.

While the prominent aspects of the film deal with a mostly sanguin-starved vampire population, a dwindling blood supply, and vampires who become bat..men?, it also deals with struggling to survive humans and Head hematologist Edward Dalton played by Ethan Hawke who is SURPRISE the conflicted soulless individual.

Firstly, the Daybreakers script predates the first Twilight book by about a year so it should be kept in mind that it was a fresh, explosive idea long before sparkly Edward and lost-without-a-notion Bella. Oh, and that the name Edward was introduced in Daybreakers first. However, these two Edwards are strikingly similar in that they


both avoid drinking human blood, possess the same golden eyes and have romantic tension that never comes to any sort of fruition other than hand-holding. Fun! Where Daybreakers differ however is much more interesting as we are taken into a dark world where vampires fear the well, we’ll call them bat-men, who are vampires who haven’t had blood for a prolonged period of time. There is also the idea of being able to transform back from fanged to human again and the obvious vampire-ruled world and human farms.

A few problems we had were Willem Dafoe’s hokey accent or maybe it was the script? and him or vampire storm troopers showing up a little too conveniently and obviously, misplaced horror music, which seemed more comical than serious and the dissatisfying and ridiculous ending, which left us with a confused taste in our mouth. Can you even taste confused? Who knows but we did. Now, unless they are making a two-part series or a trilogy, there was something amiss with the end of that film.

We don’t want to give too much away but even though it was well-filmed, it dragged on a little longer than it needed to and had a few key elements missing that would have otherwise made it a great film.

But really, can anyone ever say no to a vampire movie?

Disappointed At Choice For Lafayette’s New BoyToy

Maybe it’s just a bad picture? But why is it that he looks more country hokum than pretty face. In any case, this is Southland’s Kevin Alejandro. He will play a ”good-natured Latino orderly who’s caring for Lafayette’s mother (played by Alfre Woodard)” as Jesus Velasquez.

Latin Jesus eh?

We will see. At least they’ve found the last love for the show.

Marilyn Manson To Marry Rachel Evan Whatever

The man must have some mouth on him or his standards are low. Who knows? The last we saw of Rachel was in True Blood in her role as the Vampire Queen. It was ok, she wasn’t as amazing or la-di-da as we assume she was meant to be.

Manson, on the other hand, talks intelligently in interviews and though certain videos of his seem to be hmmm, misogynistic towards women, perhaps it is art instead of implied terror against women?

He proposed to his lover on stage in gay old Par-ee and she agreed.

Of course she would!

Daybreakers The Countdown is ON!

Ethan Hawke, guy from Jurassic Park, a little Anne Rice and other Vampire-related stuff since this is beyond the Pg-13 rating of Twilight…

Looks fun! Release is in 3 days!

New Loves In The Air For Season 3 True Blood

Last season ended with the accidental death of Eggs, Tara’s boyfriend. So what’s in store for Rutina Wesley‘s character? A mysterious vampire lover named Franklin Mott who will be played by James Frain (The Tudors, 24)

Another addition to Season 3 comes  by way of actress Lindsay Pulsipher (The Beast) in the role of Crystal described as “a mysterious and haunting beautiful young woman who shares an ‘electric connection’ with Jason [Ryan Kwanten].” Haven’t we all learned that mysterious and electric mean supernatural and sexytime? Wonder what kind of supernatural she’ll be!

Natasha Alam has been cast as a new love interest for Alexander Skarsgard.  (Hmm, we think it’s a good alternative to Anna Paquin but we think Eric needs a caramel skinned woman like us ;))

This one was unexpected Joe Manganiello who had a recurring role on One Tree Hill as Brooke’s (Sophia Bush) love interest has been cast as the “hot and sexy alpha male werewolf”, Alcide Herveaux who we think is supposed to be quite naughty in the books. We do like him though. Who else can sexy face stare like that?

Of course we do have to reflect on Tara’s alcoholic mother’s new turn to the faith. Will she have a certain someone as well? Apparently she will in the form of a certain Reverand Daniels to be played by Gregg Daniel. He will play a church leader that Tara’s alcoholic mother turns to for “comfort.” LOL
Lafayette was considerably less Lafayette last season, a lot of his pizazz disappeared! But apparently he might just get it back with a boyfriend! Though Alan Ball has not chosen the actor for this yet apparently he is “quietly searching for a sexy Latino actor in his 30s to play a lust interest for everyone’s favorite same-gender-lovin’ blood dealer” Ball confirmed in the summer that viewers would see a more “vulnerable” Lafayette in season 3. He seemed pretty vulnerable last season. Bring back pizazz Lafayette!

Season 3 looks exciting though especially with all these yummy treats but seriously when are they going to cast someone Chinese for more than one episode and/or Indians? The two biggest populations in the world and you couldn’t find one to fit into the “Blood Dream”?

Anyway, here’s hoping this season doesn’t rely on sexytime and extended storyline stretching!

Buy True Blood But Where?


The first image of the crimson drink is from Hottopic. Its’ tagline says “Enliven yourself with this uniquely carbonated, slightly tart, lightly sweet blood orange drink. The bottle is an exact replica of the bottle design as seen on the show.” You can buy this 4-pack for $24.99

Whereas if you were to buy it from the HBO website, it costs a low $16 dollars. Its’ description is as follows,

Sink your fangs into a bottle of Tru Blood, a delicious blood orange carbonated drink inspired by Bill’s favorite synthetic blood nourishment beverage. Tart and slightly sweet, Tru Blood pours like a regular soda but appears stormy and mysterious when poured into a glass. Bottoms up – and vampires, remember to drink responsibly!

The Tru Blood beverage features:

  • Stunning bottle design is exact replica of bottles featured on show: stained in rich red with raised English lettering and matching Japanese Kanji!
  • 14 ounce per bottle

Even is these are both in dineros Americanos, we vote HBO to quell our vampire obsession and the show even though there is an additional surcharge of 8 dollars.

Who else thinks that Hottopic bought the bottles and jacked up the price?

Run Away With Eric the Vampire

How to watch this video: Turn off the sound, press play, look deep into Alexander Skarsgard‘s eyes and smile.

6’5 of gorgeous, don’t you agree?

However, for a little bit of True Blood scoop and what will happen with Sookie, listen on into what Alex Eric has to say. He really doesn’t give away much other than his character ”will try to mess things up between Sookie and Bill.”

Does it matter True Blood fans, we want him for ourselves not Anna Paquin!