$16M Raised in Canada For Haiti Telethon

While George Clooney led the Youtube-televised Hope For Haiti marathon, Canada held Canada For Haiti along with Montreal’s Ensemble Pour Haiti. We, as well had a stream of stars come out in support of the impoverished country including Director James Cameron, Rachel McAdams, Joshua Jackson among others while featuring performances from Nelly Furtado who sang Try, Metric with Help, I’m Alive and the Tragically Hip performing Fiddler’s Green.

Altogether Canada raised a not too shabby 16 million dollars.


Hope For Haiti

The images and streaming video from Haiti illustrate how desperately our charity is needed as bodies are still being pulled from the rubble and all are in need of food, water, medicine and shelter.

Some of the notable performances of the evening so far have been Beyonce’s Halo, Christina Aguilera’s new song Lift Me Up, Justin Timberlake with Matt Morris ‘Hallelujah’ and Jennifer Hudson with Let It Be (even she did ruin it at the end argh!)

Redemption Song Sung For Haiti

Redemption song was originally sung by Bob Marley and was sung again later on by Lauryn Hill and his son Ziggy Marley. Rihanna chose the song to sing for the Hope for Haiti Benefit Concert. Here, she performs it on Oprah. We disliked the way she sang this but it is for a good cause and we give you another option just in case you felt the same.

Enjoy and Watch the concert tonight on Youtube.

Quebec Expanding Immigration Laws For Haiti And Introducing Predictable Problems

Haiti has been devastated by two major earthquakes in the last couple of weeks. This has caused Canadian adoption agencies to become more lax with their adoption rules and regulations in regards to Haiti. It has also caused Quebec to loosen immigration laws. They have stated that they will accept anywhere from 52,000 to 55,000 immigrants this year alone. The Canadian Federal Government has not followed suit for obvious reasons as adoption and immigration vary greatly. The  Immigration Minister Yolande James defended this saying, “I think when something like this happens it is important to be as flexible as possible. There is an understanding that we are really under an exceptional situation.”

There are a few problems with this. It is an exceptional situation but it does not mean be as flexible as possible. What has happened in Haiti is unimaginably sad and sudden but by allowing any and all Haitians into Quebec and thereby, Canada, we put strain upon ourselves financially. We would also be introducing some of them to an environment where some would adjust and others would struggle to survive while others would abuse the system. There is no guarantee that all Haitians would want to build a life here either. It would be a temporary solution to the longterm problem. Food and shelter would have to be provided here as well as some sort of livelihood or possibly welfare.

We heard a similar discussion on Canadian John Moore’s radio show on 1010CFRB. He also came to a similar conclusion suggesting (he as well as his guest speaker) to support Haitians within their country, to send food and support and help them rebuild their community and lives.

We cannot be blind in our altruism but we can help in ways that can give Haitians a home again.

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Still Looking For Ways To Help Haiti?

Kalmunity Vibe Collective are planning a Haiti benefit concert at Le Consulat in Montreal on Jan.26. Haitian relief events are happening all over the country and the world. The most dominant campaign seems to be Hope for Haiti, led by George Clooney and set to air Jan 22 on all major American networks, as well as CBC, CTV and Global in Canada. Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys are a few of the artists set to perform.

Events and places to donate are everywhere. Haiti has just suffered a second earthquake clocking in at 5.2 on the Richter scale.

Give a little Hope

Michelle Obama Supports AmFar And Haiti

Thousands Dead In Haiti Earthquake

A massive earthquake measuring a 7.0 magnitude hit Haiti destroying a great deal of the capital of Port-au-Prince on Tuesday, January 12th. It is being called “le seisme devastateur” by Creole and French internet news updates. A trail of bodies line the streets with incalculable others still trapped beneath the rubble as thousands of structures and buildings including the Haitian official jail, National Palace and the U.N. peacekeeping headquarters collapsed in the wake of the disastrous quake.

The collapse of the jail aided prisoners to escape while the rest of the Haitian populous inquired and reported the losses of family members on Radio Verite, a Haitian interest radio station.

Hugues Sanon, the DJ said,”People are calling, crying, I cannot cry myself. But in my heart, I’m crying. When you have someone saying ‘my father died, my sister died…’ You try to be strong.” The DJ himself is unaware if his 3-year-old son survived as he was in an area where the earthquake struck.

Community leaders have spoken on the radio station providing new information while the station attempts to unify the Haitian Community with announcements of meetings such as the one, David Romelus of Unity for Development has planned for 8 pm, at the Haitian community center on Madison Avenue in Elizabeth tonight.

President Obama has indicated the full support of the United States Government will be used to deliver humanitarian relief in terms of food, medicine and water while they help remove those trapped in the buildings.

For those who want more information about how to help go to http://www.WhiteHouse.gov/HaitiEarthquake

Also for those ”Americans trying to locate family members in Haiti [they] are encouraged to contact the State Department at (888) 407-4747.”

So tragic.

Sita Sings The Blues

Sita from the Ramayana is finally gaining some international fame. The New York Times calls Sita an Indian Betty Boop while “Roger Ebert gives it two thumbs up”.

Directed/Created by Nina Paley, this version of Ram and Sita (it’s a Hindu folktale where he’s a prince, has married Sita but then is exiled for 12 or 14 years during which they meet antagonist Ravana and monkey god Hanuman, you’re welcome) varies from the original in its blues musical attitude shown throughout the film. It acts more as an homage to the story than an actual re-telling. It is illustrated with the most striking details and re-told in the most interesting of ways. Though Nina Paley says that the failing relationship between Rama and Sita was what attracted her to the story as this mirrored her own life, this differs from the actual story where they remain together and finally rule the kingdom together as king and queen.

There really is some lovely blues music and an interesting interpretative animation that makes the film a pleasure to watch.

As the film is only funded through donations do take the time to go visit their site.


Note: It is a slightly exaggerated version of the old story, a bit more melodramatic than usual

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Doll For Carla and Nic’s Charity

Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to enlist his fashionable touch to the Carla-Sarkozy Foundation and as such, has created a princess doll priced at 220 euros (315$) and a silk, tulle and lace princess dress for a child girl at the hefty price of 830 euros (1190$). These items were created with Paris’ high-end toy store Au Nain Bleu in mind.

Think of it this way. It’s all for a good cause. The foundation aims to incorporate culture, encourage education and fight against social inequality. We aren’t made of money but if we were, a little doll would be in our possession right now all for the cause.

Have you made a contribution out of your good will to those less-fortunate this Christmas?

Metric Makes Tshirt For Charity

Canadian music group Metric has joined forces with the Yellow Bird Project and have created a t-shirt for MusiCounts. The charity aims at giving schools the capability to support students in their quest to envelope themselves in the wonderful world of musical notes and song.

Their cloth creation above reads, “Keep the dream tight,” while the concept remains..

Let the bright and guiding lights be your guide.
But remember to keep your dreams close to your side.
Give in to the rhythm, give in to the beat.
Give in to Metric’s fashionable t-shirt treat.

A symmetrical delight for a cause?
We think this calls for a round of applause!
Help empower our youth, help them seize the day.
Support Musicounts, and let the beautiful music play!

We have a slight problem here, we are not liking the ad pictures! It’s screaming a little street urchin delight instead charity. We refer to the image not the cheery jig, which was also extended a few lines too many, a bit.

However, let this not deter you from a good cause. Students should be able to have a full music education and see that there are many options out there.

Carla Bruni Interviewed for Sept à Huit

Click here to watch the interview (if you can speak French! If not, read below!)

This month’s Harry Roselmack [the caramel FOX at the beginning] interview for Sept à Huit (a show that probably takes place, just guessing now from 7 to 8) took place at the lovely First Lady of France, Carla Bruni’s Parisienne home.

It seems the French have very mixed reviews about their First Lady as according to a recent poll, 51% voted she wasn’t close enough to the people. However she defends herself by saying, ”I feel close to the French people but maybe they don’t feel close to me”. She continues, ”The French woman is a woman of tradition and elegance. They see this image as far from what I am”. This is the reason for which she had started to pay attention to her image and why the elegant, done-up woman is who we see today.

She also talks about her determination behind her world mission against AIDS. Her motivation comes not from her brother who died in 2006 she says but women and children.

Finally she gets onto to talking about the romantical life she leads with Sarkozy ”We are here most of the time (the apartment). Our personal life is very calm and very peaceful. He showed me another point of view. Today, I am better with him than without him. I never imagined that in my youth.” Ahh the real vie en rose

As for whether her husband will run in the 2012 election? ”It will be my husband’s choice. I have no influence on political choices made. If he doesn’t run, we will be peaceful, quiet [but] we don’t discuss it, it’s his business. But as a wife, in intimacy, one mandate will have been enough for me”.

We don’t understand why the French don’t like her. Tell us! We want to know!

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