What is love?

Is love an undying dedication to another where you live for another and think only of that person?
There is nothing but the beginning and ending of this person
Is it love to feel immense joy and immense sadness because of someone?
Is love when you feel someone is your family or someone for whom you feel nothing but unbridled passion?
Is it someone you make organised plans with or someone with whom there is nothing but spontaneity and carefree freedom?

Is it being saddened by separation and thereby, missing a piece of your whole?

or is it standing on your own and watching your partner stand on their own?

Is it when you feel a part of every aspect of their lives or when you step back and appreciate things they do and ignore the things they don´t do?

Is it love to want to fix someone because it will improve them or is it love to let someone be who they are?

Is it love to constantly fix your problems or should love be easy?

When love gets hard, do you shut yourself off and wait for your partner to wake up or do you become vulnerable and embrace all the issues and problems and resolve them?

Is it love to expect that someone will run after you if you walk away? Is it love to accommodate someone or to let them accommodate you in everyway?

Should you expect something everyday? Appreciation, a touch, a hug or is all love varied and particular?
Is it love to be the support for everyone but yourself?

At what point, is it no longer love but a pursuit of hide and seek?

When you both have so much history and feel disconnected, how do you reconnect? How do you wake up and realize the disconnection has occurred? Or do you make space for yourself?

Should you just do as you want and expect that your partner love you unconditionally or should you go through all your decisions with your partner ?

At what point, does your love beg you to walk away or is it about enduring?