Hope For Haiti

The images and streaming video from Haiti illustrate how desperately our charity is needed as bodies are still being pulled from the rubble and all are in need of food, water, medicine and shelter.

Some of the notable performances of the evening so far have been Beyonce’s Halo, Christina Aguilera’s new song Lift Me Up, Justin Timberlake with Matt Morris ‘Hallelujah’ and Jennifer Hudson with Let It Be (even she did ruin it at the end argh!)

Redemption Song Sung For Haiti

Redemption song was originally sung by Bob Marley and was sung again later on by Lauryn Hill and his son Ziggy Marley. Rihanna chose the song to sing for the Hope for Haiti Benefit Concert. Here, she performs it on Oprah. We disliked the way she sang this but it is for a good cause and we give you another option just in case you felt the same.

Enjoy and Watch the concert tonight on Youtube.

PETA Seems To Like A Lot Of Porn

We always wondered where they got their inspiration. PETA is becoming more of a joke than an organization dedicated to the ethical treatment of animals. They attack and harass people, they have lewd, overly sexual ads and now they have Sasha Grey as their poster girl?! (For those who don’t know and we are sorry to tell you, Sasha Grey is a porn star) Featuring a porn star saying “Too Much Sex Can Be A Bad Thing” does not help your cause.

Ever thought that maybe they aren’t looking at the words, but the nude pictures?

For example

We just think it’s more degrading than raising awareness.

Blood, Sweat and Dirt On The Runway

DSquared2’s Fall/Winter Men’s collection debuted in Milan inspired by Lady Gaga no doubt

Which is your favourite fox? 1 or 2. hee hee!

3 is irrelevant

We pick 2. He’s wrapped like a surprise