Shakira in Gaga wear?

The Gaga is just everywhere! Even Shakira could not resist wearing a Valentino Haute Couture headpiece that looks suspiciously similar to what Lady Gaga wore for her Paparazzi performance at the 2009 Much Music Video Awards

We are just glad Lady Gaga’s influence is so far-reaching

note….who are these FINE men, we ask….hmmm

More American Music Award Red Carpet

Kate Hudson, Coco Chanel said fashion isnt fashion until it makes its’ way onto the street. She didn’t mean get out of bed with unwashed hair and come to a highly publicized red carpet event!

Thank god for Shakira, though the dress isn’t anything special she could make a paper bag look calienté and we die for Carrie Underwood’s shoes.. Christmas is coming hint hint;)

You know, we didnt realize how TALL Nicole Kidman was, no wonder Tom Cruise took away her heels when they were married