Silly Pictures Of Harry Potter Friends

Hermione Emma Watson always looks so young in her photoshoots, too young to pull off the womanly femininity photographers, magazines and tabloids would have you believe she possesses. The make-up bleeding from the eyes is honestly too much for her to pull off. No one would argue that she is a smart and healthy girl but this photo is more nonsensical than something awe-inspiring and different. It seems to have no purpose other than to attempt something we can only imagine is ‘edgy’.

Photographer Ellen Von Unwerth did shoot this well but there is something off about it.

Calling All Wizards And Witches!

It was inevitable. The popular J.K Rowling books-turned-films are now coming to life in a whole new way. Though still under construction, we are excited to see the steeples of Hogwarts for the new amusement park ”The Wizarding World of Harry Potter”. The park will open later in the Spring for any who’d like to visit. We know we would!

Wonder if they’ll have Butterbeer?

New Burberry Campaign Still With Emma Watson


We like Hermione Emma. In the first picture, she is pictured with younger brother, Alex Watson in images for Burberry’s spring/summer 2010 campaign whereas the next image she looks like a child in adult’s clothing with creepy suitor in tow.

Burberry’s Christopher Bailey explains “we always talk about how much fun we have making these images and I wanted to capture some of the excitement that you feel on set when all these different creative attitudes and personalities come together. Mario [Testino, the photographer] has shot these as both stills and video so we can share some of that energy with a wider audience.”

Good for you, little witch

Sophisticated and chic

The Wizarding World is Here To Stay Muggles

It was evident yesterday that the fashions of the underground wizarding world could no longer be contained within the magic walls of ‘hidden’ London. Our caped source reveals the difficulties wizards and witches endure in having to conform to the conventional form of muggle clothing and shares that, ”it won’t be long before all of the wizarding world follow suit”.

Ha! We only wish that were true!

In reality, a woman in London wore this for a much less politically charged reason.

…saving herself from snowflakes perhaps? Our guess.

But it would have been more fun if it involved Muggles and Harry Potter hee hee