Sarkozy To Open ‘Spy School’

It seems that not a lot of work is getting done as rival intelligence chiefs can’t seem to stop spying on or fighting with each other, something they are accused of doing as much as fighting the enemies of France. President Nicolas Sarkozy in reponse has opted to create a spy school to hopefully stop French intelligence chiefs from behaving like children fighting.

President Sarkozy deeply desires to unify the French “intelligence community” and thinks the US National Security Council is a fine example. The French Security Council will be called Conseil de défense et de sécurité nationale (CDSN) with President Sarkozy as the head.

The school o’ espionage or “staff academy” will be exclusive to senior spy chiefs from 6 different intelligence and security agencies and is rumoured to be headed by a woman with no previous espionage experience. To ensure that all persons involved cooperate with one another, the school has also enlisted a 60-year-old national intelligence coordinator as the school is intended to meld and encourage “a single culture and esprit de corps” and bring forth a spirit of community. How will the 60-year-old esprit de corps anyone!

Unfortunately, James Bond tricks and toxic baguettes will not be taught.

In any case, we had heard about the French disliking other French natives depending on which region they were born in but this sounds comical and dangerous. Say the one intelligence coordinator who is 60 we might add, can’t control the hate between the rival organizations, what then? Sarkozy said that some political problems in his campaigns were rooted from companies fighting.

We guess it’s good that the new espionage academy is set to open in six months.

Wonder if there’s a spy school in the Great White North!

Karl Lagerfeld Designs Doll For Carla and Nic’s Charity

Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to enlist his fashionable touch to the Carla-Sarkozy Foundation and as such, has created a princess doll priced at 220 euros (315$) and a silk, tulle and lace princess dress for a child girl at the hefty price of 830 euros (1190$). These items were created with Paris’ high-end toy store Au Nain Bleu in mind.

Think of it this way. It’s all for a good cause. The foundation aims to incorporate culture, encourage education and fight against social inequality. We aren’t made of money but if we were, a little doll would be in our possession right now all for the cause.

Have you made a contribution out of your good will to those less-fortunate this Christmas?

Yves Rocher Has Died

The beauty product industrialist Yves Rocher died in Paris this December 26th at age 79.

It was initially through small advertisements about a hemorroid ointment that the public caught wind of his now famed cosmetics brand. One of most defining aspects of his cosmetics products, founded in 1959, was the fact that he used “beauty from plants” avoiding the use synthetic products and preferring to sell to clients through correspondence.

“Green Book of Beauty” launched in 1965, translated today in more than 20 languages, opened its’ first store in 1969. After having left the reigns of his enterprise to his son Didier in 1992, he found himself having to take them back in January 1995 following Didier’s accidental death.

French president Nicolas Sarkozy paid tribute to Yves Rocher in a press release for “this large industrial Frenchman, inventor of a vegetable-based cosmetics line and pioneer of sales by mail order”.

Today, the Yves Rocher group is present in about thirty countries at a worth of 2 billion euros with more than 15 000 employees.

The cosmetics legend’s cause of death is unknown.

British Bank Bonus Tax

British banks will not be happy about this!!

As the UK was also affected by the Economic Depression of last year which lasted well into this year, it is not surprisingly that a new British Bank Bonus Tax is soon to be imposed on British banks. After having doled out 1.3 Trillion dollars, the British government has decided that they would like it back. The Secretary of the Treasury announced the new bank tax on persons receiving bonuses more than 40000$ as a result.

And it would seem European leaders agree with stopping fat bonuses being sent out to bailed-out bankers.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown says, “the debate in the international community will move forward, a one-off tax in relation to bonuses should be considered a priority.”

The British PM, French President Nicolas Sarkozy, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Luxembourg Premier Jean-Claude Juncker along with most EU nations were in favour of some kind of tax limit for bank bonuses.

Banks have responded threatening to go elsewhere, like Singapore where income is only taxed at a mere 15%!!

If the financial meltdown resulted in taxpayer-funded bailouts in cases and it was the banks who put everyone at risk, we think that the tax should be enforced, especially if it is only for a while.

Carla Bruni Interviewed for Sept à Huit

Click here to watch the interview (if you can speak French! If not, read below!)

This month’s Harry Roselmack [the caramel FOX at the beginning] interview for Sept à Huit (a show that probably takes place, just guessing now from 7 to 8) took place at the lovely First Lady of France, Carla Bruni’s Parisienne home.

It seems the French have very mixed reviews about their First Lady as according to a recent poll, 51% voted she wasn’t close enough to the people. However she defends herself by saying, ”I feel close to the French people but maybe they don’t feel close to me”. She continues, ”The French woman is a woman of tradition and elegance. They see this image as far from what I am”. This is the reason for which she had started to pay attention to her image and why the elegant, done-up woman is who we see today.

She also talks about her determination behind her world mission against AIDS. Her motivation comes not from her brother who died in 2006 she says but women and children.

Finally she gets onto to talking about the romantical life she leads with Sarkozy ”We are here most of the time (the apartment). Our personal life is very calm and very peaceful. He showed me another point of view. Today, I am better with him than without him. I never imagined that in my youth.” Ahh the real vie en rose

As for whether her husband will run in the 2012 election? ”It will be my husband’s choice. I have no influence on political choices made. If he doesn’t run, we will be peaceful, quiet [but] we don’t discuss it, it’s his business. But as a wife, in intimacy, one mandate will have been enough for me”.

We don’t understand why the French don’t like her. Tell us! We want to know!

The French President and First Lady on The Simpsons lol

Nicolas Sarkozy and Carla Bruni on the Simpsons for the first time ever.

”cozy with Sarkozzyyy”

The Simpsons have already been on the air 20 seasons, we wonder if it will go on..forever