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Daybreakers The Countdown is ON!

Ethan Hawke, guy from Jurassic Park, a little Anne Rice and other Vampire-related stuff since this is beyond the Pg-13 rating of Twilight…

Looks fun! Release is in 3 days!

Naked And Un-photoshopped

A few days ago, it was reported that Jennifer Hawkins stripped down for this month’s issue of Australia’s Marie Claire. The photo is said to be completely un-retouched or photo-shopped. The photo was taken to promote a natural woman’s self-image so that when people do pick up a magazine, they know what they are looking at is real.

While not everyone looks like Jennifer Hawkins, she defends herself saying that she is not a stick figure but perhaps that this picture can influence other people who appear on magazines to opt for taking a real picture au lieu of an illustrated one.

Jennifer’s picture, however will be put to further good use as it will also be auctioned to raise money for eating disorders support groups.

Change comes in increments.

Maybe one day the Dove women will be put onto front covers like that.

The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

The film stars Nicolas Cage, Monica Belluci and Jay Baruchel and releases July 21st of this year.

Amidst all that bankrupcy, where did Nic find time to get hair?

Will you go see The Sorcerer’s Apprentice?

Ever Wanted To Be Princess Tiana?

She looks like a younger Vivica A. Fox, doesn’t she?

In any case, came out with a Princess Tiana costume set, which includes a dress and a tiara headband for $29.71 but no frog!

Where is our Prince Naveen!

Body Scanners Coming To Canadian Airports

Fast reaction Canada

Not only have body scanners already been ordered to ship to Canada but also laws pertaining to or concerning privacy have already been written and ready to be enforced.

Minister of State Rob Merrifield says, “We are not immune to acts of terrorism or terrorist threats and we must remain vigilant to be at the forefront of new security technology.”

The scanners will be able to see three-dimensional images of passengers and possess the ability to see through clothes revealing any concealed weapons or explosives. These will be installed over the next two months at 11 airports.

44 of these controversial scanners, which cost 250,000 Canadian dollars each (240,000 US) are to be set up in total in an effort to ensure all passengers and personnel safety.

Casey Johnson Autopsy Completed

The autopsy of Johnson & Johnson heiress whose cause of death is still unconfirmed, has been completed. The untimely death of the socialite at the mere age of 30 is speculated to have been drug-related. Even fiance Tila Tequila’s first reaction was that a drug overdose led to her death.

The details of the “cause of [Casey’s] death have been deferred pending the results of the toxicology tests.”

Don’t Come A-Knocking ”Festive Fatties”

Danish site describes itself as the “largest network of attractive people in the world” with 550,000 members from 190 countries. In supposedly keeping with that ‘attractive’ credo, they have expelled more than 5,000 users from its site worldwide.

Why, in specific?

Because as Greg Hodge managing director of the site put it, “members who posted pictures of themselves during the holidays showed that they had “let themselves go”’. Holidays, [he cites Christmas and New Year more specifically] seem to do with only “over-eating, over-drinking and watching TV on the sofa.” Hodge attributes this as reasoning for the falling beauty standard that appears prevalent in the US, U.K and Canada today, where most of these “festive fatties” were turfed off the site from.

Seems like they went a little overboard.

But keep this in mind, the “prospective members must go through a 48-hour voting process, during which time existing members of the opposite sex decide whether they are “beautiful”‘. The site supports this in saying that it “does not define beauty [but] simply gives an accurate representation of what society’s ideal of beauty is.”

Ideal? IDEAL?! Unless you found a unicorn, let’s get serious. It means that beauty must be ‘box beauty’ where everyone must fit into a socially constructed view of what beauty should be.  Also, it was “vigilant members, who take pride in the standards demanded by the site, [who] called for action.”

A few pounds over the break isn’t always considered as something that detracts from someone’s beauty.

However, this issue runs deeper. It promotes box beauty while many are struggling to change and change and change this.

So, Say NO to BOX BEAUTY and YES to the Beautiful Healthy (we hope) You that you are

Separated At Birth

In the trashiest sense

Ke$ha and Joss Stone.

Look at it this way, Joss is a k-lassy version of Ke$ha, no $ sign in her name!

Marc Jacobs And Lorenzo Martone Tied The Knot In St. Barts?

Keepin’ Each Other Honest! Officially!

Jacobs and Martone married in a quiet ceremony on the magical island that is St. Barts this week.

The cake toppers we give a 10 for ADORABLE!

Wild guess as to which one is Jacobs.

Update: They did not marry. A friend to the couple threw them an engagement party!

Heroin For Dummies

70 000 copies of a booklet being nicknamed Heroin For Dummies was recently released by the New York Health Department in efforts to keep drug users as ‘healthy’ as they can be despite their substance-abuse. The cost of the booklet’s production? $30 000!

But in order to verify that correct research is being done, we absolve them though it still looks steep.

Within the book are outlined specific safety guidelines to drug using, we know, contradictory.

They are as follows:

1. Prevent overdose
2. Treat overdose
3. Don’t share
4. Use new syringes
5. Prepare drugs carefully
6. Take care of your veins
7. Know your HIV status
8. Get tested and treated for Hepatitis

Take care of your veins seemed to really get Jerry Springer the newscaster steaming. He didn’t seem to respond to guest speaker Professor Robert Heiner of the Yale School of Health other than to antagonize and shout at him. He would have been able to convey his points more easily had he not been so intent on impersonating Jerry Springer and the Devil unprofessionally attacking the guest!

However, both speakers bring up good points. The issue is does this booklet encourage drug use or is it a medium in which the health care system can take a metaphorical breather and provide substance takers with some safety? as stated by Heiner.

Heiner discussed that ”addiction is a chronically lapsing condition for which there is inadequate and ineffective care”, which we agree with. ”Drugs users already know it’s bad to use drugs but they don’t know how to use properly, [which introduces them to other diseases] which he indicated then puts a strain on the American health care system. These are ”preventable consequences of untreated addiction”. He also says that if the addict ever decides to get treated for addiction, it will be easier to treat them knowing that what they have in their system is a drug cocktail and not an uncountable number of diseases that would counteract the treatment.

Many would argue that those who voluntarily choose to do heroin should be left to their own devices, left to shoot up however they might like sans health advice because as Youtuber DaytonOhiomomof3 put it, ”someone high on heroin – or getting ready to shoot up – isn’t gonna stop and read the pamphlet.”

We would assume the pamphlet will not be handed out at schools but where the need is. This is our own assumption and should not be taken as an opinion reflecting that of the New York City Health Department.

We recommend to the department that if this has been presented as a way to decrease disease transfer and ‘wasting the time of health care officials’, they should be carefully monitoring the distribution of these booklets.

Do you think that this pamphlet can help encourage drug users to be more clean and lead them to their rehabilitation or Will this encourage the masses to become drug users, now that they are ”armed with the knowledge the government gave them”?