Sarah McLachlan for 2010 Vancouver Olympics

Sarah McLachlan wrote One Dream for the Vancouver 2010 Olympics. It could use a little work but it’s uplifting and it’s Sarah McLachlan.


Delerium Featuring Kreesha Turner

Delerium from Sarah McLachlan?? Them?

Guess they have a new song. This is Dust In Gravity with Kreesha Turner.

Not bad!

Lilith Fair’s Newest Addition!

Introducing Butterfly Boucher from Down Under. She is the most recently added musician for this year’s Lilith Fair. She will be playing alongside the likes of Metric, Corinne Bailey Rae and Sarah McLachlan among many more. We really like her sound. It’s kinda familiar and kinda new. Plus, she looks kinda badass or at least we hope she is, otherwise that leather jacket was sorely misplaced.