2009 A Year Of Media Insanity?

LOL, sad but kinda hilarious…and sad

David LaChappelle Lady Gaga Photoshoot with Kanye West

First of all, not to be mistaken with Dave Chappelle, now reclusive comedian. This is David LaChappelle who has photographed many well-known celebrities, models and the like (Alicia Keys, Naomi Campbell, Chris Rock) and now for the second time, Lady Gaga with Kanye West.

We like it, it’s very Gaga. However, we are familiar with his work and would have to say that elements of previous photos produced are quite similar.

Lol Kanye Might Not Like This

Kanye West’s now infamous interruption during Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech has become legeeendarrrryyy and available to wear to anyone who has a keyboard and credit card. This t-shirt is also from BustedTees. We commend their good work. Hahaa!

30 Seconds To Mars with Kanye

The 30 Seconds To Mars album This is War released December 4th and though this track Hurricane was included, Kanye West was not…. Could it be because of Kanye’s blowing hot air mouth?