Weezer ‘On’ Happy Days! Memories!

We were feeling nostalgic. This also might be the first song we ever heard from Weezer .

Aren’t they so cute in their younger days? And of course, what would Happy Days be without the FONZ.

Aughties, Noughties, 2000s or Other?

We have heard a few terms being used to refer to the last decade but what do they mean and where do they come from?

2000’s we think you can figure out on your own but it sounds simple enough, doesn’t it?

The Aughties is a play on the phrase “the eighties” while the word aught, means “zero”. We just think it sounds kinda ridiculous. It also seems to remind us of the word ought…ought to have not done that last decade. We never look back in regret! A little regret but not a whole decade.

Lastly, the Noughties. We vote YES YES YES. You don’t even have to ask twice! Nought refers to zero as well like Aught and it does sound kinda fun.

However, in the previous century apparently “The Naught Aughts”, “The Naughts”, “The Aughts”, and even “The Naughty Aughties” were coined as a linguistic twist.

We think Noughties or 2000’s might catch on

Amazing Musica from BRAZIL!!

Someone sent this to us as a suggestion for international music we might like and we didn’t like it.


The group is Papas da Lingua and the song Eu sei.

We don’t understand a word but feel free to lose yourself in the lead singer’s eyes ;)

Never Had A Barbie Like A Gaga

Old bore Barbie no more! Barbie with something of the Gaga persuasion yes! And we can all thank 29-year-old Viek who copied these Gaga looks incredibly well..not even too well…perfectly!

Barbie gone all Gaga, we love it

She’s the kind of independent woman that women and even men should be able to look at and find inspiration from. This does necessarily mean copy her in her dress but to understand that taking risks or ‘wearing kermits’ is all a part of being comfortable in one’s own skin and experimenting with your own boundaries in the search of finding out who you are and want to be.

L’amour For Flight 1549 Survivors

Laura Zych and Ben Bostic were both passengers on the infamous Flight 1549 where the plane hit a flock of Canada geese causing the engines to fail. Luckily, the plane crash-landed on the Hudson River with no loss of any lives.

This led to the creation of a Facebook group for the survivors where Laura and Ben casually spoke for a few months before finally meeting 6 months later at a survivor reunion where they fell in love!

Aww just like Kate and Leo on the Titanic!…without Leo sinking to a watery grave….

but it’s a wonderful story of survival and resilience!

Erin Brockovich Still Doing Good In The World

Perhaps Julia Roberts presented us with a snapshot of Erin Brockovich‘s life in the film Erin Brockovich where we empathized with the single mother who struggled to support her 3 children and fought the ethical good fight against a corporation whose waste management skills caused illnesses and death to the surrounding populous.

But where is the woman who inspired the film?

From what the film showed us, we perceived a woman who was not taken seriously because of the way she dressed but who had much more to her than what she wore. What she appeared to have lacked in certain areas in her life [in the film], she made up for in integrity, courage and heart.  She has more than proved this in real life with the continuing efforts she makes in the work she continues to do today, something we are very happy to report.

As President of the consulting firm, Brockovich Research & Consulting, she is still involved in numerous major environmental cases and still concerned with the welfare of others.


Summer Shoes of U.K. Vogue or Spring Platform From American Vogue

UK Vogue says

  • Spindly heels make a comeback, usurping chunkier styles. And – when in court form – are the perfect wardrobe update
  • Wedges are a strong contender for summer’s statement shoe
  • At Pucci and Narciso Rodriguez, lacing and ladylike details ruled
  • The “wow” shoe of the season? McQueen’s mind-boggling   Armadillo

Whereas American Vogue has smartly shown us an alternative to die-hard vertigo fashion

where they say that in the RTW fashion shows they were relieved to see models walking comfortably down the runway.

Models for Alexander McQueen probably would have loved to be in that show.

In any case, Vogue suggests the platform flat, which should eliminate back pain and add height.

Both of these magazines state that these heels will all be in fashion in 2010..hmmm! The heels shown in UK Vogue are for the most part, interesting and lovely but they are not entirely practical, not that they are meant for that. On the other hand, we don’t like corkscrew platform flats. Grr!

There is also this concern:

So the question remains

Where might we find a comfortable shoe that is elegant, still adds height and blows ‘la mode’ out of the water?

World’s Newest Tallest Building Unveiled in Dubai

Now that is a grand opening ceremony!

Goodbye Taipei 101, Hello Burj Khalifa, the new tallest building in the world. At a height of 828m (2,716ft), it is substantially taller than the previous world record holder, Taipei. The opening ceremony was attended by some 6000 guests despite the interior not finished however, the exterior is exquisite! The tower is made up of ”28,000 glass panels, 160 floors and more than 500,000 sq m of space for offices and flats.”

Along with the title to tallest building, the tower can also be recognized as one with the now highest occupied floor, tallest service lift, and highest observation deck in the world.


What do you think of the Dubai tower? It seems there are those who are unhappy with the choice of city!

Despite this there was quite the celebration of fireworks being lit up in and around the tower like the 4th of July, click here for the video!

US and U.K. Close Yemen Embassies

In light of events that occurred last week, certain facts have been discovered. It is speculated that radical Yemeni cleric Anwar al-Awlaki who may have had direct contact with attempted suicide-bomber 23-year-old Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab may also have been in contact with the US army major, Nidal Malik Hasan, who killed 13 people last year at Fort Hood.

This only adds to the increasing fear that Yemen has become another al-Qaeda corrupt area, which in effect caused US and the U.K to close their Yemen embassies in an effort to protect themselves from further attempted harm.

It has been said that several 100 members of the terrorist group identifying themselves as those responsible for the bombing attempt are stationed in Yemen so the continued presence of the Embassy would endanger Embassy officials’ lives. This comes after the organization called the al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula told Muslims last week to take up arms and “[kill] every crusader who works at their embassies or other places”.  The American embassy shut down Sunday “in response to ongoing threats by al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula to attack American interests in Yemen”, which they stated on their website. They also advised ”US citizens in Yemen to be aware of security”.

The US have indicated their desire to support the Yemeni government in the fight against al-Qaeda, militarily and financially. As such, they will be doubling last year’s financial contribution of $67 million (£41m) given to Yemen for training and support in order to better enable them to eliminate terrorism.

As much as we hope terrorism to be eliminated, we hope that the country and citizens of Yemen do not become something resembling the ruins of Iraq.