Today we are celebrating our birthday (of ourselves not our fierce editorial) and are happy to announce that we will be officially back on the 20th of December writing about all sorts of fabulous, ferosh and fearful things. However, we thought we would take a look back into historical events that happened today. Some we knew about and some we didn’t! Take a look!

See you soooonnn

•1792 – In Vienna, Ludwig Von Beethoven (22) receives 1st lesson in music composition from Franz Joseph Haydn

•1870 Joseph H. Rainey of South Carolina becomes the first black U.S. congressman, also becoming the first black man to be sworn into House of Reps

•1913 The “Mona Lisa,” stolen from the Louvre Museum in 1911, recovered

•1915 Frank Sinatra, born in Hoboken, vocalist/actor, old blue eyes

•1957 Jerry Lee Lewis weds his cousin Myra Gale Brown, 13, while still married to his 1st wife Jane Mitcham

•1961 Martin Luther King, Jr. and 700 demonstraters arrested in Albany, Georgia
(F.B.I. agent inspecting Lake Tahoe room from which Frank Sinatra Jr. was kidnapped by Barry Keenan, Joe Amsler & John Irwin.)
•1963 Frank Sinatra Jr returned after being kidnapped

• 1963 Kenya gains its independence from the United Kingdom.

• 1963 Number one hit on UK music charts – The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand

• 1963 Karruppanna Kamraj became a folk hero in India because he was determined to haul down the Union Jack and create an independent country. Kamraj was uneducated and ended up in a British prison for his seditious political activities, however, he managed the political underground even from jail. He ended up minister of Madras Province, and many wanted him as prime minister, but he did not speak Hindi which is India’s main language.

• 1965 Beatles last Great Britain concert (Capitol Theatre in Cardiff Wales)

• 1975 Sara Jane Moore pled guilty to trying to kill President Gerald Ford

• 1970 Jennifer Connelly is born

• 1979 Rhodesia changes its name to Zimbabwe.

• 1980 US’s copyright law amended to include computer programs

• 1981 Wayne Gretsky scores quickest 50th goal (game 39)

• 1982 Women’s peace protest at Greenham Common – 30,000 women hold hands and form a human chain around the 14.5 km (9 mi) perimeter fence.

• 1988 Sandra Miller of Queens sues Mike Tyson for sexual harassment

• 2007 Ike Turner dies in California, of a cocaine overdose, at 76

And of course, our birthday!

Lady Gaga meets The Queen!

Lady Gaga (having considerably toned herself down), Michael Buble (yayy Canada), Bette Midler, Nicole Richie (along with Miley Cyrus ugh) and Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity all met the 83-year-old Queen Monday before the annual Royal Variety show, a show organized by the Royal Family.
Lady Gaga had the mind to reprise her performance of Paparazzi where she commits suicide but was told that was quite inappropriate and opted for a rendition of Speechless.

In the meanwhile, Nicole Richie and we’re sure all of them were given these before meeting the Royal one, received ‘etiquette notes’.

One first addresses the Queen as ‘Your Majesty’. Please wait before offering your hand. It is not mandatory to curtsey or bow. One does not speak until spoken to. After that, one can address Her Majesty as ‘Ma’am’ as in jam not ‘Mar’am’ as in smarm.

“You first address the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) as ‘Your Royal Highness’. After that it is ‘Sir’.”

So naturally that made us think of our classic favourites since none of the above artists performances are able to be FOUND at the moment and the most recent performance able to be found is the Pussycat Dolls?!
Yea, no thank you.

So here it is The Beatles at the Royal Variety Show all those years ago where John Lennon says People in the cheaper seats clap your hands and the rest of you rattle your jewelry haha

Ringo and Paul Reunite!

As Ringo Starr will release his new album, “Y Not”, he shares that he received a little help from former bandmate Paul McCartney on the single, “Walk with Me”. yes!!

“Paul was doing the Grammys, so he came over to the house and was playing bass on ‘Peace Dream.’ So I played him this other track and Paul said, ‘Give me the headphones. Give me a pair of cans.’ And he went to the mike and he just invented that part where he follows on my vocal. That was all Paul McCartney, and there could be nothing better,” Ringo reveals. How Sweet! :)

“He makes it bigger and he makes it fuller, Ringo continues, it makes the song like a conversation between us, and that was Paul’s idea to do his part one beat behind me. That’s why he’s a gen-i-us and an incredible bass player.”

awww but very true.

Ringo also says that he will be more involved in the production side of his records as he “was the least involved in the production of the Beatle records. And then with [his] solo records. ” He says, “suddenly, it’s another point in your life, and you say, ‘I’m going do this now.’’

Good for you Ringo. Cant wait to hear the collab!