How No One But You Can Access Your Phone

Ways to avoid predictable problems and dilemmas while keeping your privacy private seems difficult to conquer sauf for this handy new I-phone app that fingerprint-activated. It keeps wandering eyes blind and curious hands baffled.

For one now very famous cheater and golfer, this would have been handy.


Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Drape Their Newly Launched Site In Fabrics!

These women really do have imagination. They have recently launched their website for their line The Row and despite having admitted that they aren’t that tech-savvy, they’ve created a world within their site where clients can ‘interact’ and ‘feel’ the fabric. We might be exaggerating a tiny bit but the site speaks for itself. It’s sophisticated but subtle.

Mary-Kate said, “We looked at a lot of different web sites before we started working on our own, and we thought most of them were too loud. We wanted The Row web site to be subdued and very direct,” but they found that they didn’t like what was out there and so, used “high-res images of actual fabric swatches from their collections” for the background visuals. Mary-Kate continues, “We wanted the viewer to really see all of the details of the beautiful fabrics we use—washed red silk charmeuse, the scales of our python skins, our cashmere modals. We wanted it to feel like you could reach out and touch everything.

”We worked on every single piece of imagery and content on the web site directly. It was a very hands-on experience, which I didn’t expect — it felt more like making a beautiful collage than a web site team.”

We adored the illusion of the fabrics’ tangibility. With each page, the fabric does, in a way, come alive.

What did you think?

Feed Me LIGHT!

It doesn’t sound real, does it? However, the sea slug Elysia chlorotica is like a plant because it can photosynthesize and find energy in light to transform carbon dioxide into sugars.

CBC Radio’s Quirks & Quarks was told by Sidney Pierce of the University of South Florida that “If you shine light on these slugs, they fix carbon dioxide and make oxygen just like a plant.”

Learn something new and interesting everyday! Funny, we can’t help thinking about Dalton McGuinty and his little Windmills.

Iron Samurai LED Watch

Wow. It’s an LED watch that tells time by having the screen ”light up like surfacing lava”.

oOo sounds a little ominous, but a little more AWESOME!

For all the Geeks or Secret Samurai out there!

The Elderly Alone No Longer. Now They Have C-3PO

Toyota is known for cars now but in 1926, it was known for its robots and the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, which produced automatic fabric looms that could detect problems and shut down automatically. It sounds a little Skynet and Bicentennial Man because it involves “autonomation”, which is automation with human intelligence.

This is something they are looking to use again as Japan has an ever-increasing health care crisis and aging populous and are also dealing with a lack of nurses so it is not a surprise that the robots could be ready as soon as next year with ‘their descendants working on the moon as soon as 2020’.

Safety regulations for service robots, including nursing droids are already being drawn up by the government.  There has even been a code of ethics for ‘how robots should treat humans and, perhaps ironically, how humans should treat robots’ by the South Korean Government. To ensure that the machines will be safe, new company Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, has launched a five-year project to better safety standards for the droids.

Very cool.It was about time too. All the movies from the last two decades were screaming for this to happen, four decades if you include Star Wars.

The plan is said to save Japan 2.1 trillion yen (about $21 billion) if these robots do care for the elderly.

Are you excited? Hey! Will they even talk?

For Nerds And Geeks All Around

Well, you have to admit. It does look pretty handy.

Apple Round 2: Goodbye Nexus?

Apple will launch its latest creation, Apple Tablet I Phone 4 on January 27th. Will it be an appropriate response to the Nexus One?

The Answer To World’s Energy Source?

Dubbed the ”Z Machine”, this electrical wonder is being raved about as the solution to the growing energy consumption. Usually it is used to research thermonuclear reactions, for example, what happens at the heart of a hydrogen bomb detonation. Now, they are concentrating their efforts upon creating a way ”to fuse heavy water atoms to create fusion power” to produce ”cheap, clean, safe and unlimited” energy to everyone. What we know is that it can produce 290 terawatts of power through a small electrical input. 290 terawatts is about oh, 80 times the world’s total power output, which is great but the only problem is they are having a bit of troubling harnessing the power meaning that the power can only be released in a pulse that lasts 70 billionths of a second.

It sounds complicated as great science does but we have faith. One qualm we would have about this is if it really would remain cheap and unlimited. Isn’t something we’ve learned from history that once something amazing is created some fool comes along, buys the rights to it and charges extravagantly for it?

The energy pictured above really is beautiful, isn’t it?

The Longest Annular Solar Eclipse Of The Millennium

Kaifeng, China

Cochin, India

Manila, The Phillipines

Nairobi, Kenya

The longest annular solar eclipse of the millennium occurred in Africa and Asia on January 15th lasting a total of 11 minutes and 8 seconds. The next time we’ll get the chance to see it again will be in 3043?!

Track Your Child (or Anyone) By GPS

Oh we knew this would come out! According to a Wired piece, parents can simply pop a portable GPS into the backpack of their child or install it as an app on their iPhone to keep track of their child or if you want to get more imaginative…(anyone!!)

Though this would seem like a great idea, the GPS unit does not come cheap at $350, plus the $15 monthly charge for a service subscription or the monthly $15 fee for the iPhone app Where The Flock (WTF)

Also, it might be the source of a few problems either over-obsession on the part of the part or alienation on the part of the child. If said child is mentally disabled, the GPS ensures the safety of that child and relief of the parent.

David Eigen, a psychologist added GPS to his two daughters cell phones during their middle school years to keep track of where they sauntered off to. He defended use of it saying, “I felt that it was my job as a parent to know where they were every minute,” however, “Once I found out that everything was basically okay, I didn’t feel that I needed it anymore.” Which we think we can agree with.

Safety comes first but over-worrying is difficult to keep up.

We think that GPS could transferred into a system actually. For example, when you lose your keys, wallet, a suitcase (it happens), anything, it could have a GPS strip put on it while the main controller is put onto the wall in your house showing you a map of where said missing object is. Could be usefulll.

What do you think about GPS and your children?

China Attempted To Hack Google Through McAfee?!!

This is a surprise. Well, not really a surprise but apparently, the hackers rumoured to have been Chinese officials exploited a flaw in Microsoft Explorer’s McAfee to access to Google. This previously unknown flaw was reported by McAfee who said ‘criminals who engineered the attacks persuaded employees of the companies to click on a link to a website that secretly downloaded sophisticated malicious software onto their PCs.’

Dmitri Alperovitch, a vice president of research with McAfee admitted, “We have never seen attacks of this sophistication in the commercial space. We have previously only seen them in the government space.”

He continued, ”The programs allowed the hackers to take control of the PCs without the knowledge of their users”.

Microsoft hasn’t yet fixed the error but hopefully they are soon on their way to doing so. As we reported yesterday, McAfee has recently signed with Facebook to provide $7.5 billion worth of computer anti-virus software as their official virus protectors for a year.

If you are wondering about whether the security of your computer is safe in your computer software’s hands, be not alarmed. Computer technicians we spoke with remarked that there are a number of good anti-virus and anti-spyware programs but NOTHING guarantees your computer safety because of new viruses are constantly becoming more creative and sophisticated as was the attack that originated from China, as the years go by.

Try not to click on anything suspicious though.

China Mourns Google

Though Google has not yet made good with their ultimatum, the sadness of China’s Internet users is apparent in the large illegal showing of sadness and dedication in the form of lit candles and flowers, sometimes with notes, one that read “Google – a real man” strewn around the Google sign at its’ Beijing headquarters at the Tsinghua Science Park.

Why is it illegal? Because signs of dissent in China are not tolerated and science park security have decreed it the act as the ‘illegal flower donation”, much to the dismay of citizens who sent Twitter in a flurry (even though Twitter is blocked by China) with messages like ‘illegal’ and ‘flower donation’ together in one phrase, we live in an era of truly distorted values”.

Distorted is one way of putting it.

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