Facebook Partners With McAfee For Virus Protection


More than £7.5 billion ($29.4 billion) worth of McAfee computer security software is now available to all of 350 million Facebook users in the UK, United States, Australia, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, France, Canada, Mexico and Brazil, with more countries to be included in the coming months. This is thanks to a global deal that now cites McAfee as the official Facebook computer security provider.

Users will be provided with six months of free virus protection worth £22.50 ($37.77) with the option to buy afterwards at a reduced rate. As malicious software and virus attacks appear to be on the rise with 78% of Internet users not updating their anti-virus and spyware programmes, this partnership comes as a veritable solution.

Facebook’s vice-president of global communications, marketing and public policy Elliot Schrage, “We are taking an unprecedented step towards making the entire Internet more secure and reducing the possibility of threats being brought on to our service by unsuspecting users, keeping the Internet secure requires that users, security vendors and internet companies all work together. We think we’ve developed an excellent model for this collaboration, and to ensure the greatest possible value to our users, Facebook will not accept any revenue from subscriptions. We hope this is something that other services will emulate.”

What a Great Idea!


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