Ke$ha Is The New Gaga

According to Advocate editors and critics, Ke$ha is the new Gaga. Hmm! who are these “critics” we wonder? The “serious issues” staff for Fox news? or maybe the morning staff.

Let us impolitely beg to differ and give a few obvious reasons why this crack-pot crystal ball theory is ridiculous. There is only one Gaga. Ke$ha, the silly girl has a dollar sign in her name and ‘sings’ in a forgettable k-lassy style that is as ridiculous as the bi-sexual label she seems to have recently adopted.

As Marcus, an Advocate reader so eloquently put, “Nobody cares about attention-whoring faux-bisexual girls who can’t sing. When she develops Gaga’s musical ability and vocal prowess, call me back and we’ll chat. (Anyone who believes for a second that she cares about LGBT issues beyond the edginess that “coming out” got her, I have a bridge to sell you.)” And we concur.

Lala gaga has always said she puts her music first above anything whereas Ke$ha at 17 was already throwing up in Paris Hilton’s closet. Even if she has outsold Gaga’s Just Dance with Tik Tok would you really want her as your star in the making?


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  1. happysheen :) said,

    January 9, 2010 at 22:56

    hey heyy heyy
    i like keshia lol :)

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