Lady Gaga meets The Queen!

Lady Gaga (having considerably toned herself down), Michael Buble (yayy Canada), Bette Midler, Nicole Richie (along with Miley Cyrus ugh) and Britain’s Got Talent winners Diversity all met the 83-year-old Queen Monday before the annual Royal Variety show, a show organized by the Royal Family.
Lady Gaga had the mind to reprise her performance of Paparazzi where she commits suicide but was told that was quite inappropriate and opted for a rendition of Speechless.

In the meanwhile, Nicole Richie and we’re sure all of them were given these before meeting the Royal one, received ‘etiquette notes’.

One first addresses the Queen as ‘Your Majesty’. Please wait before offering your hand. It is not mandatory to curtsey or bow. One does not speak until spoken to. After that, one can address Her Majesty as ‘Ma’am’ as in jam not ‘Mar’am’ as in smarm.

“You first address the Duke of Edinburgh (Prince Philip) as ‘Your Royal Highness’. After that it is ‘Sir’.”

So naturally that made us think of our classic favourites since none of the above artists performances are able to be FOUND at the moment and the most recent performance able to be found is the Pussycat Dolls?!
Yea, no thank you.

So here it is The Beatles at the Royal Variety Show all those years ago where John Lennon says People in the cheaper seats clap your hands and the rest of you rattle your jewelry haha


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