Track Your Child (or Anyone) By GPS

Oh we knew this would come out! According to a Wired piece, parents can simply pop a portable GPS into the backpack of their child or install it as an app on their iPhone to keep track of their child or if you want to get more imaginative…(anyone!!)

Though this would seem like a great idea, the GPS unit does not come cheap at $350, plus the $15 monthly charge for a service subscription or the monthly $15 fee for the iPhone app Where The Flock (WTF)

Also, it might be the source of a few problems either over-obsession on the part of the part or alienation on the part of the child. If said child is mentally disabled, the GPS ensures the safety of that child and relief of the parent.

David Eigen, a psychologist added GPS to his two daughters cell phones during their middle school years to keep track of where they sauntered off to. He defended use of it saying, “I felt that it was my job as a parent to know where they were every minute,” however, “Once I found out that everything was basically okay, I didn’t feel that I needed it anymore.” Which we think we can agree with.

Safety comes first but over-worrying is difficult to keep up.

We think that GPS could transferred into a system actually. For example, when you lose your keys, wallet, a suitcase (it happens), anything, it could have a GPS strip put on it while the main controller is put onto the wall in your house showing you a map of where said missing object is. Could be usefulll.

What do you think about GPS and your children?


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