Heroin For Dummies

70 000 copies of a booklet being nicknamed Heroin For Dummies was recently released by the New York Health Department in efforts to keep drug users as ‘healthy’ as they can be despite their substance-abuse. The cost of the booklet’s production? $30 000!

But in order to verify that correct research is being done, we absolve them though it still looks steep.

Within the book are outlined specific safety guidelines to drug using, we know, contradictory.

They are as follows:

1. Prevent overdose
2. Treat overdose
3. Don’t share
4. Use new syringes
5. Prepare drugs carefully
6. Take care of your veins
7. Know your HIV status
8. Get tested and treated for Hepatitis

Take care of your veins seemed to really get Jerry Springer the newscaster steaming. He didn’t seem to respond to guest speaker Professor Robert Heiner of the Yale School of Health other than to antagonize and shout at him. He would have been able to convey his points more easily had he not been so intent on impersonating Jerry Springer and the Devil unprofessionally attacking the guest!

However, both speakers bring up good points. The issue is does this booklet encourage drug use or is it a medium in which the health care system can take a metaphorical breather and provide substance takers with some safety? as stated by Heiner.

Heiner discussed that ”addiction is a chronically lapsing condition for which there is inadequate and ineffective care”, which we agree with. ”Drugs users already know it’s bad to use drugs but they don’t know how to use properly, [which introduces them to other diseases] which he indicated then puts a strain on the American health care system. These are ”preventable consequences of untreated addiction”. He also says that if the addict ever decides to get treated for addiction, it will be easier to treat them knowing that what they have in their system is a drug cocktail and not an uncountable number of diseases that would counteract the treatment.

Many would argue that those who voluntarily choose to do heroin should be left to their own devices, left to shoot up however they might like sans health advice because as Youtuber DaytonOhiomomof3 put it, ”someone high on heroin – or getting ready to shoot up – isn’t gonna stop and read the pamphlet.”

We would assume the pamphlet will not be handed out at schools but where the need is. This is our own assumption and should not be taken as an opinion reflecting that of the New York City Health Department.

We recommend to the department that if this has been presented as a way to decrease disease transfer and ‘wasting the time of health care officials’, they should be carefully monitoring the distribution of these booklets.

Do you think that this pamphlet can help encourage drug users to be more clean and lead them to their rehabilitation or Will this encourage the masses to become drug users, now that they are ”armed with the knowledge the government gave them”?


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