Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen Drape Their Newly Launched Site In Fabrics!

These women really do have imagination. They have recently launched their website for their line The Row and despite having admitted that they aren’t that tech-savvy, they’ve created a world within their site where clients can ‘interact’ and ‘feel’ the fabric. We might be exaggerating a tiny bit but the site speaks for itself. It’s sophisticated but subtle.

Mary-Kate said, “We looked at a lot of different web sites before we started working on our own, and we thought most of them were too loud. We wanted The Row web site to be subdued and very direct,” but they found that they didn’t like what was out there and so, used “high-res images of actual fabric swatches from their collections” for the background visuals. Mary-Kate continues, “We wanted the viewer to really see all of the details of the beautiful fabrics we use—washed red silk charmeuse, the scales of our python skins, our cashmere modals. We wanted it to feel like you could reach out and touch everything.

”We worked on every single piece of imagery and content on the web site directly. It was a very hands-on experience, which I didn’t expect — it felt more like making a beautiful collage than a web site team.”

We adored the illusion of the fabrics’ tangibility. With each page, the fabric does, in a way, come alive.

What did you think?


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