Advertisement Intrigue

We wanted to look at ads this month because it’s good to see how companies portray themselves through images and how those images relate to us and an industry that is barely changing despite what the media says.

This month, Rykiel, Moschino and Tom Ford have released promotional images for each of their fashion lines.

Can you tell what they are selling?

The first image is Rykiel featuring models Alana Zimmer (whose facial expression we dislike très much!) and Marike Le Roux (who actually looks quite sophisticated even without a bra). Though we like the hats, the colour and the contrast of the background and their skin colour, we have to ask, what happened to their bras? Would you wear Rykiel’s clothing without one? Probably not. Most people don’t want to be so adventurous nor care too. However, we think the ad is good because it displays Rykiel’s fashion and the models aren’t flying around.

But in Moschino’s ad, they used a semi-flying Isabeli Fontana in a very visual display of a heart purse, dress, shoes and heavy gold jewelry. Everything we needed to see was there and in comparison to Rykiel who used very thin models, we actually see ourselves in Moschino’s materials (except the dress. Too many frills) We would die for the heart purse.

Lastly, there is Tom Ford giving us yet another pointlessly sexual photograph of Carolyn Murphy sans clothes and tan lines caring for Nicholas Hoult‘s hair (because he’s busy doing nothing?). Honestly, did YOU know glasses were being sold here? Silly

Overall, in terms of body, we would rather Moschino than Rykiel-it because the ad is a tiny bit more inviting. (Tom Ford we exclude.) We like Rykiel’s clothes but it almost seems as if the ad caters to thin people because of the models they chose. Maybe curves are distracting? We mean a little curve not what they define as plus-size nowadays.

Which ad attracted you the most and which seemed to be the best example for women?

(And where are other ethnicities!)


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