Carla Bruni Interviewed for Sept à Huit

Click here to watch the interview (if you can speak French! If not, read below!)

This month’s Harry Roselmack [the caramel FOX at the beginning] interview for Sept à Huit (a show that probably takes place, just guessing now from 7 to 8) took place at the lovely First Lady of France, Carla Bruni’s Parisienne home.

It seems the French have very mixed reviews about their First Lady as according to a recent poll, 51% voted she wasn’t close enough to the people. However she defends herself by saying, ”I feel close to the French people but maybe they don’t feel close to me”. She continues, ”The French woman is a woman of tradition and elegance. They see this image as far from what I am”. This is the reason for which she had started to pay attention to her image and why the elegant, done-up woman is who we see today.

She also talks about her determination behind her world mission against AIDS. Her motivation comes not from her brother who died in 2006 she says but women and children.

Finally she gets onto to talking about the romantical life she leads with Sarkozy ”We are here most of the time (the apartment). Our personal life is very calm and very peaceful. He showed me another point of view. Today, I am better with him than without him. I never imagined that in my youth.” Ahh the real vie en rose

As for whether her husband will run in the 2012 election? ”It will be my husband’s choice. I have no influence on political choices made. If he doesn’t run, we will be peaceful, quiet [but] we don’t discuss it, it’s his business. But as a wife, in intimacy, one mandate will have been enough for me”.

We don’t understand why the French don’t like her. Tell us! We want to know!


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