Sarkozy To Open ‘Spy School’

It seems that not a lot of work is getting done as rival intelligence chiefs can’t seem to stop spying on or fighting with each other, something they are accused of doing as much as fighting the enemies of France. President Nicolas Sarkozy in reponse has opted to create a spy school to hopefully stop French intelligence chiefs from behaving like children fighting.

President Sarkozy deeply desires to unify the French “intelligence community” and thinks the US National Security Council is a fine example. The French Security Council will be called Conseil de défense et de sécurité nationale (CDSN) with President Sarkozy as the head.

The school o’ espionage or “staff academy” will be exclusive to senior spy chiefs from 6 different intelligence and security agencies and is rumoured to be headed by a woman with no previous espionage experience. To ensure that all persons involved cooperate with one another, the school has also enlisted a 60-year-old national intelligence coordinator as the school is intended to meld and encourage “a single culture and esprit de corps” and bring forth a spirit of community. How will the 60-year-old esprit de corps anyone!

Unfortunately, James Bond tricks and toxic baguettes will not be taught.

In any case, we had heard about the French disliking other French natives depending on which region they were born in but this sounds comical and dangerous. Say the one intelligence coordinator who is 60 we might add, can’t control the hate between the rival organizations, what then? Sarkozy said that some political problems in his campaigns were rooted from companies fighting.

We guess it’s good that the new espionage academy is set to open in six months.

Wonder if there’s a spy school in the Great White North!


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