LOL finally it’s live: Kathy starts by showing her CNN contract to Anderson Cooper ”Are you going to be squeaky clean, CNN is going to be gunshy”

11:01 – Kathy: ‘Turn off Ryan Seacrest now, it’s part of a conspiracy do it. Have you ever been beaten by Oprah, she hates gum-chewing and you chew gum Andy. I’m keeping you honest’

11:06 – Kathy is showing her number 1 best seller lol

11:21 – Lance Bass appears! Who are these crazy looking Australians with bad hair? Oh thank god it’s a wig They were hiding HOTNESS. Congrats on your marriage

Kathy keeps Anderson honest and then asks him fan question, If you were a dessert, what would you be? I know what you’d be. You’d be vanilla with a cherry on top
Anderson threatens to quit CNN, Kathy offers him position as assistant ”I’m hiring”

11:35 – Apparently Cher is a saint! She’s donated helmets to the army with better padding

11:38 – Kathy’s assistant Tiffany decided to go with Team Bass in Vegas LOL
11:40 – In retaliation Kathy shows off Manager Tom wearing no one in particular
11:40 – Oooo The midnight runners in central park Insanity. People of all ages too!
11:42 – Kathy on J.Lo ”I’m not saying she’s singing. I’m saying she’s fierce”
11:54 – What’s your safeword? (HAHAHA) Anderson: I have no idea what that means
Kathy: You’re going to answer that later

12:00 – Happy New Year!!!!!!
12:11 – Kathy – ”Whose on your death panel? Anderson” Anderson – What’s that?
12:16 – Kathy – Oh poor John Cry me a river He’s in Florida
12:19 – Kathy – I think I see Carrie Prejean in that crowd
12:22 – Us- Lance looks dapper
12:25 – Kathy – Anything with Ormond is good

We agree! We missed portions of the broadcast but all in all, we think it was hilarious.

Happy New Year to alll


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