Metric Makes Tshirt For Charity

Canadian music group Metric has joined forces with the Yellow Bird Project and have created a t-shirt for MusiCounts. The charity aims at giving schools the capability to support students in their quest to envelope themselves in the wonderful world of musical notes and song.

Their cloth creation above reads, “Keep the dream tight,” while the concept remains..

Let the bright and guiding lights be your guide.
But remember to keep your dreams close to your side.
Give in to the rhythm, give in to the beat.
Give in to Metric’s fashionable t-shirt treat.

A symmetrical delight for a cause?
We think this calls for a round of applause!
Help empower our youth, help them seize the day.
Support Musicounts, and let the beautiful music play!

We have a slight problem here, we are not liking the ad pictures! It’s screaming a little street urchin delight instead charity. We refer to the image not the cheery jig, which was also extended a few lines too many, a bit.

However, let this not deter you from a good cause. Students should be able to have a full music education and see that there are many options out there.


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