Models Refuse To Go Heel Hell!

Safety concerns have been raised over the height of heels leading to the refusal of several models to walk the runway. Though the prospect and danger of toppling on the runway has been a worry ever since Naomi Campbell’s fall in 1994, it is renewed today with the 12 inch heels that had been debuted at Alexander McQueen’s 2010 Spring Fashion Show. If these look familiar, it’s because you saw them in Lady Gaga’s Bad Romance. And how…adventurous ..she was. Jeeez

“It’d be like walking on a ruler. That’s the opposite of what people want to look like,” British shoe designer Emma Hope commented. The shoes are called “works of art” at the same time as being called “the ugliest shoes in the universe” so the only left people dying to walk in these are models. We sincerely doubt you’d see anyone walking around with these at the mall.

Leading models Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly and Sasha Pivovarova are among the first to refuse to take part in the latest show for Alexander McQueen citing what has been named the ‘armadillo’ shoes as the problem. Back in the day this would never have been possible as designers could force their models to wear whatever they wanted. These models had mini-model union meetings, something relatively unheard of as author of fashion blog Frockwriter, Patty Huntington shared, to decide not to do the show due to “work safety” issues. She continued, “I’ve only heard of isolated cases of girls refusing to wear high shoes; for three big-name models to have taken a stand together like this is unheard of.”


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