If you are in love with ‘couture’ and le francais…

You will love this!

If you were planning on visiting la ville d’amour Gay old Paris or just have a fine appreciation for detailing, the Edouard 7 is for you (especially if you were thinking of splurging for a magical snowy holiday complete with baguettes and berets and romance). It is being called the hotel couture and finds itself in the heart of Paris, steps from the Palais Garnier and the grand maisons of Faubourg Saint-Honoré. With 27 out of 90 room dedicated to couture while following different colour schemes of “black and gold”, “petrol blue and taupe”, “red and black”, “spicy” and “green and black,” we are feeling jealous and mad!

The rooms and suites are made with luxurious and flamboyant material by Lelièvre, Pierre Frey and other Designer Guildand while the floor was specially made by Maison Ege. As the hotel is named after King Edouard VII, there are 5 rooms meant to pay tribute to the important women in his life. We wonder who miss spicy was!!

Would you stay in the Edouard VII? We know we would..if thousands of dollars and a plane ticket dropped into our lap!


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