Julie Benz Dies On Dexter, Reborn As A Stripper On Desperate

Julie Benz has played absolutely everything, hasn’t she? From an FBI Investigator on Roswell, to a vampire on Buffy and Angel, to a homely housewife on Dexter. Now she can add stripper to her resume. As you can see, the first photos for the episode have been released. Hopefully the annoying push-over personality she had in Dexter doesn’t reincarnate itself in her new stripper role. Grr

Bring back Vampire DARLA!!


Dexter’s Michael C. Hall Being Treated For Cancer


Michael C. Hall announced in a statement today that he has been diagnosed with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a cancer of the lymphatic system a disease that is considered highly treatable with the potential for full recovery.

He states that he feels ”fortunate that he has been diagnosed with an imminently treatable and curable condition, and [thanks his] doctors and nurses for their expertise and care.”

Spokesman for Hall, Craig Bankey says ”the cancer is in complete remission and Hall’s treatment will continue as planned.”

We pray!