Anderson and Kathy Together Again

Ha ha!! The hilarious duo is back together again for another year of watching the New Year’s ball drop and joining them will be Lance Bass, who will be reporting from the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

The gayest time of the year and it all starts at 11pm on December 31st. Wonder what kinda dick jokes Kathy will come up with this year.


Friends Of Kathy

Sailor swearing on CNN to sailor swearing with refined company.

Whether it’s playing in Suze Orman‘s closet or showing off her Emmys with Anderson Cooper, Kathy maintains her hilarious. Surprised pictures of Larry didn’t show up on her twitter.

Wish WE had friends like that!

We Hope Pammy Thanked Adam Lambert

Canadian-born Pamela Anderson co-hosted the Gridlock New Years Eve party at Paramount Studies in Hollywood, California with Adam Lambert last night. Unfortunately, she was unknowingly exposing herself to all due to a wardrobe malfunction. Thank god for the Glambert who pointed out the exposed nipple.

Oh Jeez Keep It Together Pammyand

Kathy Swears Live On CNN…Again

Last night, comedienne Kathy Griffin could not help herself but swore again during the Times Square New Years Eve broadcast she hosted with Anderson Cooper. While she and Anderson discussed the balloon boy hoax, she said, “Fal– F**kin’? Falcon? How do you say it?”‘ ‘mispronouncing’ Falcon Heene’s name.

Anderson replied, “”You’re terrible. Really terrible.”

Ohhh let Kathy be Kathy. It wasn’t especially hilarious but she never got anywhere by censoring herself. She did, however, have a CNN contract created especially for her forbidding her from saying ‘naughty words’. The contract also said that if she swore she would have to write back the check she received from CNN.

What can we say? The Silver Fox and Crimson Minx rang in another year and we LOVED it.


LOL finally it’s live: Kathy starts by showing her CNN contract to Anderson Cooper ”Are you going to be squeaky clean, CNN is going to be gunshy”

11:01 – Kathy: ‘Turn off Ryan Seacrest now, it’s part of a conspiracy do it. Have you ever been beaten by Oprah, she hates gum-chewing and you chew gum Andy. I’m keeping you honest’

11:06 – Kathy is showing her number 1 best seller lol

11:21 – Lance Bass appears! Who are these crazy looking Australians with bad hair? Oh thank god it’s a wig They were hiding HOTNESS. Congrats on your marriage

Kathy keeps Anderson honest and then asks him fan question, If you were a dessert, what would you be? I know what you’d be. You’d be vanilla with a cherry on top
Anderson threatens to quit CNN, Kathy offers him position as assistant ”I’m hiring”

11:35 – Apparently Cher is a saint! She’s donated helmets to the army with better padding

11:38 – Kathy’s assistant Tiffany decided to go with Team Bass in Vegas LOL
11:40 – In retaliation Kathy shows off Manager Tom wearing no one in particular
11:40 – Oooo The midnight runners in central park Insanity. People of all ages too!
11:42 – Kathy on J.Lo ”I’m not saying she’s singing. I’m saying she’s fierce”
11:54 – What’s your safeword? (HAHAHA) Anderson: I have no idea what that means
Kathy: You’re going to answer that later

12:00 – Happy New Year!!!!!!
12:11 – Kathy – ”Whose on your death panel? Anderson” Anderson – What’s that?
12:16 – Kathy – Oh poor John Cry me a river He’s in Florida
12:19 – Kathy – I think I see Carrie Prejean in that crowd
12:22 – Us- Lance looks dapper
12:25 – Kathy – Anything with Ormond is good

We agree! We missed portions of the broadcast but all in all, we think it was hilarious.

Happy New Year to alll

Kathy Griffin on Lopez Tonight

Kathy Griffin and George Lopez are both nominated in the category of Best Comedy Album for the Grammies.

Who KNOWS who will win this year? Lopez has been nominated now three times while this is Griffin’s second nomination.

Hers is the only off-colour comedic gold we can stomach.

If you love her just as much, you will be very happy to know that despite her mistake from last year, CNN has invited her back to host with Anderson Cooper for their New Years’ Eve broadcast