The Fight Against Breast Cancer Continues with Swarovski, Halle Berry and Sofia Vergara


Sofia Vergara and Halle Berry, among others including actresses Lisa Edelstein of “House” and “The Good Wife” actress Julianna Margulies were in attendance at the charity auction of the Swarovski Element sponsored 22 designer “little black dresses” to raise awareness and funds for both the American Cancer Society and its French counterpart, La ligue nationale contre le cancer.

Both Halle and Sofia have been affected by cancer. Halle, losing several people over the last few years and Sofia, suffering through it thyroid cancer herself. Vergara says a positive attitude was the key to beating the disease. “One of the most important things is not to think too much about it, not to dwell on it, not to question ‘why me?,You just have to wake up every day and do what you’re suppose to do, and try to fight it. Thinking too much will make you depressed and not give you the power to fight it.”

The part the “little black dress” played in the evening was timeless and exquisite as each one, as donated by various designers made their own versions of the dress with Swarovski elements as pictured above.

It’s a sad reality to face when we lose someone to anything but it’s always important to never give up hope for a cause.

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