Gold Olympic Medalist Asks NBC Reporter, ‘Are you stupid?’

Shortly after winning his gold medal in speed skating, an NBC reporter asked Sven Kramer who he was and what he won. In reply, he said, “Are you stupid? I’m not gonna answer that.” Despite winning this medal, Kramer was unfounded in his comments to the reporter. The lack of politesse on behalf of this Olympic winner reflects a rude and pretentious individual. Even if he won this medal, to be honest, most have never heard his name.

He had just been named a Gold medalist in speed skating though and that is commendable but what kind of role model is he to look up to if he can’t keep a level head for something so trivial?


1 Comment

  1. DoItWithStyle said,

    June 26, 2010 at 10:10

    What a douche. Deserves to hurt his leg and never win again. Then he really will be unheard of.

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