A Comme-ci Comme-ça Pie Recipe Fixed!

We have never heard of this ‘Pie Day’, which happened on January 23rd. However, National Pi Day, which recognizes the mathematical π is celebrated on March 14 inspired from the first three digits of pi: 3.14.  Thus, we don’t really know if there is a connection between the two but since pies are delicious, we decided to provide a recipe for sweet apple pie.

If you noticed, she put the pie crust in first and dumped 3/4 cup of sugar in. One of the problems of putting pie crust in and then putting apple slices on top is that there is the chance that the bottom crust will not be cooked.

Solution? Cook the pie crust separately for about 5 minutes until the top of the crust looks slightly cooked.
(NOTE: You can also buy pre-made pie shells. They already come in a container you can slip right into the oven)

We would also recommend using lesser sugar or no sugar at all (if you’re adventurous like us). Also, there are a lesser amount of calories if you substitute BROWN sugar for the white. You might be able to even use raw sugar.

The rest of the ingredients she used we liked. If you are using lesser sugar, use a smaller amount of salt.

If you like cinnamon and nutmeg, go crazy. However, anything in too much excess is a bad thing.

On that happy note, enjoy!


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