What Conan Thinks Will Happen To The Studio

The premature farewell of Conan O’Brien marked the end of a seven-month stint gone awry. In his closing speech, he thanked fans for their support and offered some hilarious suggestions for what would become of his now former studio. The list goes as follows:

Site of Tiger Woods’ 1st Annual Mistress Reunion

Fitting room for cast of “The Biggest Loser”

Storage facility for apology notes to NBC stockholders

Waterpark for Max Weinberg’s illegitimate children

Hair and chest oil storage for the “Jersey Shore” cast

Future site of “Cooters,” the nation’s first pants less sports bar and restaurant

Studio preserved as a nice, quiet, peaceful place where the cast of “Chuck” can be alone with their thoughts

Magician David Blaine will attempt the impossible by trying to remain in the studio for longer than seven months

Leave the studio cold and empty and re-name it “The World’s Largest Metaphor For NBC Programming”

Panic room for Gary Busey after the rise of the fire hydrants

Studio will be air-lifted to a location with better luck, like on top of a native-American burial ground

Who knows, he might be right.

It is unfortunate that Conan left the Tonight Show, a decision he says was one of the hardest he has had to make. However despite this, he thanked NBC for being his home for the past 20 years and was grateful for the time he had as host of the Tonight Show.


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