The Elderly Alone No Longer. Now They Have C-3PO

Toyota is known for cars now but in 1926, it was known for its robots and the Toyoda Automatic Loom Works, which produced automatic fabric looms that could detect problems and shut down automatically. It sounds a little Skynet and Bicentennial Man because it involves “autonomation”, which is automation with human intelligence.

This is something they are looking to use again as Japan has an ever-increasing health care crisis and aging populous and are also dealing with a lack of nurses so it is not a surprise that the robots could be ready as soon as next year with ‘their descendants working on the moon as soon as 2020’.

Safety regulations for service robots, including nursing droids are already being drawn up by the government.  There has even been a code of ethics for ‘how robots should treat humans and, perhaps ironically, how humans should treat robots’ by the South Korean Government. To ensure that the machines will be safe, new company Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization, has launched a five-year project to better safety standards for the droids.

Very cool.It was about time too. All the movies from the last two decades were screaming for this to happen, four decades if you include Star Wars.

The plan is said to save Japan 2.1 trillion yen (about $21 billion) if these robots do care for the elderly.

Are you excited? Hey! Will they even talk?


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