Man Posing As Former Guess Model On Dating Site CAUGHT!

This pretty face above is Bree Candon, a former model for Guess who was also ”just looking for Mr. Right” on, a dating website. Yet, it appears it wasn’t her at all. In fact, it was someone named James Brown. He not only impersonated her, using her image and personal information about her family and siblings but then, he extracted money from wealthy unsuspecting individuals citing that ”she” lost her luggage among other reasons.

This went on undetected for two years as Brown made dates and broke them with these men until he engaged in online and telephone conversations with John Carbona, a wealthy investor in Fort Meyers, FL. He attempted to try the same money extracting tactics he had used before saying ”she” needed money because “she” had lost her luggage and was in a financial bind. Carbona suspected that something was up and hired a Private Eye who traced Brown to Austin, Texas and found that he had swindled thousands from his wealthy ”prospectives”, a little dog, iPhone and $15,000 from a very well-off Miami doctor.

Brown is now in the big house enjoying the fun and joy that comes with felony theft charges.

Have fun in jail!


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