Canadian Newspaper “The Beaver” Changes Name Due To Sexual Misunderstanding

The Beaver, Canada’s second-oldest magazine, was founded in 1920 by the Hudson’s Bay Company, initially a fur trading company. But today they have realized there comes a time when every Beaver is misunderstood. Instead of being seen as a furry loveable animal, it was a sexual innuendo everywhere for va-jay-jay in Internet searches. As such, The Beaver, smartly we might add, is changing its name to stop scaring off readers. This also allows current readers to stop receiving Beaver mail in spam instead of the inbox.

Editor-in-chief Mark Reid further adds, “Market research showed us that younger Canadians and women were very very unlikely to ever buy a magazine called The Beaver no matter what it’s about. For whatever reasons, they are turned off by the name.”

Also even if the fur trade was important in Canadian history, immigrants will find it very difficult to understand its meaningfulness.

Since the Manitoba-based newspaper now mostly deals with Canadian history, the April issue will be the first to sport the exciting new name Canada’s History!

Boring. But reliable

We would have suggested something with Historian like Canadian Historian instead of Canadian History. If people want just history, wouldn’t they just go to a library?


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