The Answer To World’s Energy Source?

Dubbed the ”Z Machine”, this electrical wonder is being raved about as the solution to the growing energy consumption. Usually it is used to research thermonuclear reactions, for example, what happens at the heart of a hydrogen bomb detonation. Now, they are concentrating their efforts upon creating a way ”to fuse heavy water atoms to create fusion power” to produce ”cheap, clean, safe and unlimited” energy to everyone. What we know is that it can produce 290 terawatts of power through a small electrical input. 290 terawatts is about oh, 80 times the world’s total power output, which is great but the only problem is they are having a bit of troubling harnessing the power meaning that the power can only be released in a pulse that lasts 70 billionths of a second.

It sounds complicated as great science does but we have faith. One qualm we would have about this is if it really would remain cheap and unlimited. Isn’t something we’ve learned from history that once something amazing is created some fool comes along, buys the rights to it and charges extravagantly for it?

The energy pictured above really is beautiful, isn’t it?


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