Fashion For The Olympics!

The Vancouver Winter Olympics of 2010 in our amazing country are about to start and it seems everyone wants to get a piece. Good for all of us because we can at least see what’s going on in all this frenzy and ferocity.

First up, a $12,000 oak leaf necklace no one (sane) would buy, made of silver and gold named Buccellati Vintage Oak Leaf Necklace oOo well, it sounds couture.Whether or not we would wear it is another thing unless you lived on Olympus…

INUKSHUK, which is “the figure of a man made with stones, traditionally used by the Innu peoples of the Artic Circle, to point the way or mark an important spot” has been chosen as official mascot for the 2010 Olympics. All items are made of sterling silver with 10k gold costing from $180 – 400.

That girl with her arms folded doesn’t look too happy to be there.

HBC put on their thinking caps and designed warm, quilted outdoorsy wear ranging from $10-$350. They used the red and white colours of our national flag with hints of black and grey, much better than last year’s Beijing pyjama numbers Canadian athletes wore sadly. Hmm, we think HBC could have gone a little more racy Olympus. This is a simple, predictable design but you’d never complain about the cold! We like the video.

Ralph Lauren, on the other hand, created these for the U.S team and also created “uniforms for opening and closing Ceremonies as well as apparel and accessories for Team USA to wear in the Athletes Village and other venues”. We like it and who is that fine fox in the first picture?

Speaking of fine foxes, though there are none here, it seems as if this nice sweater needs one to fill out this nice little number even if it is $380.

Or maybe the Torchbearer jacket at $55

This is one piece from Birks Jewellery Collection for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games featuring charms and sterling silver for $350. Kinda reminds us of Stella McCartney’s Alice in Wonderland charm bracelets except hers doesn’t include a Vancouver Olympics logo hee hee!

And all of this, isn’t even the half of it. Did you know Vera Wang is designing the figure skating costumes?


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  1. Phil Jeddore said,

    January 17, 2010 at 16:04

    INUKSHUK, which is “the figure of a man made with stones, traditionally used by the Inuit of the Artic Circle……NOT the Innu! And don’t say Innu people or Inuit people. When you say that you are saying “people people”. Innu is really people although it really means Human Beings and Inuit is the plural of Inuk “The one who is alive here now” or Human Being.

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