Lost Recording Of Nazis Recounting Discovering Hitler’s Body Found

Otto Guensche, an SS officer, Heinz Linge, a valet and Martin Bormann, Hitler’s secretary were the first to discover the cadavers of Hitler and Eva Braun, his wife and were recorded giving testimony to this in a Berchtesgaden courtroom in Bavaria on October 25 1956. Their account of the incident was hidden in the Munich public records office and was recovered by Spiegel for the narrative to be heard by scholars and historians.

Guensche and Linge say that they had heard the gun shots that killed the dictator on April 30 1945.
Linge who died in 1980 said, “When I entered to my left I saw Hitler on the sofa, Hitler had his head bent forward somewhat and I could see a bullethole approximately the size of a penny on the right side of the temple.” Guensche, who died three years after Linge was not as forthcoming about Hitler’s demise stating, “Hitler sat on the arm of the sofa with his head hanging down on the right shoulder which was itself hanging limp over the back of the sofa. On the right side was the bullethole.”

Afterwards they aided in removing the bodies around 3:30 pm, cremating them in a ‘devastated garden of the Reich Chancellery’.

Due to the recording being lost and both men being captured by the Soviets following the fall of Berlin, it allowed Josef Stalin the Russian leader at the time to perpetuate the myth that Hitler might have escaped and been on the run.

In the court’s conclusion, they formally declared ‘the former leader of Nazi Germany dead so that his fortune and rights to his book “Mein Kampf” could be seized by the state government.’

We have never known exactly how he died except that he had been found with his wife but this recording might find some comfort for those who lost people during the war.


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