Woman Who Saved Anne Frank’s Diary Dies At 100

Miep Gies, the Dutch woman who sheltered, fed and hid the Frank family in the Second World War and saved Anne Frank’s diary has died at the age of 100. The Anne Frank House museum stated that Gies died sustaining a neck injury during a fall at her home before Christmas.

Anne Frank’s cousin, Bernd (Buddy) Elias said that, ”During the two years she hid Jews from Nazis, she put herself in danger. If they had caught her, she would have been put in a concentration camp herself.” Instead as history indicates, German secret police found Frank and her family hidden in the secret annex and took them to concentration camps where Anne suffered from typhus and died at the age of 15, a mere two weeks before the camp liberated.

This left Gies with Anne’s diary and papers, which she had kept locked in a drawer and never read as she said it would have ”incriminated other helpers”. She gave the papers to the only Frank family member who survived the camps, Anne’s father, Otto, who published the diaries in 1947.

Gies was commended and honoured for her courage by an Israeli Holocaust museum, the German government and the Dutch monarchy though she said that she didn’t deserve as much applause as others did who did ”far more dangerous work”.

The Diary of Anne Frank is now translated into 70 different languages and has allowed millions into the world of the girl secretly hidden in the annex evading Nazi capture.

If it hadn’t been for Miep Gies bravery, no one might have ever known.

Rest in peace


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