Stem Cell Facelifts Au Lieu Of Going Under The Knife

We wrote a few month ago about blood being re-injected into the face for a younger appearance. Unfortunately, we wrote this elsewhere before we opened this site.

However, now there is another way to avoid going under the knife as the world’s first stem-cell facelifts have begun being performed at the Harley Street Medical Clinic in London.

Like the amino-filled blood, it always requires being injected into the patient’s face. It takes about 5 hours to do requiring a simple local anaesthetic and works by taking fat and regenerative stem cells from the flabby parts on one’s body and injecting them into the face of the patient, which ”repairs and rejuvenates skin for up to 18 months”.

Stem cells, found in fat can ”recognize damaged tissue and repair it.” Its use is already being implemented to replace faulty heart tissue and restore vision in damaged eyes.

Dr Aamar Khan says the stem-cell facelift differs from ‘traditional facelifts [because traditional facelifts] do not add volume to the face or change the tone of the skin. In the stem cell facelift the volume and structure of the face is restored to a younger balance.’

And patients of Dr. Khan couldn’t be more than happy as mother-in-law to Shane Richie, 58 year old Jackie Goddard, a previous bo-tax addict expressed

My skin was plumper and more radiant and will carry on improving over the next six to nine months. The fine lines have disappeared but the best thing was the fat had filled out the hollows under my eyes and my sunken cheek areas. I’m delighted with the results. It’s a very natural look. There are no tell-tale scars.

If you’re interested in a lesser invasive form of horror that is plastic surgery, the procedure costs a hefty £7500 (roughly $10000). For $10 000, we will KEEP our face. Thank you!

Which facelift would you prefer: None, traditional facelift, blood injection or stem cell?


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