Neanderthals Were Fond Of Make-Up Too

It seems modern people were not the only ones using make-up for decoration and ritual purposes. In Spain, scientists have uncovered evidence that firmly indicates Neanderthals may have used make-up 50,000 years ago in discovering shells they used as make-up containers to store pigment residues.

The archaeologist from Bristol University in the UK Professor, Joao Zilhao, who led the study told the BBC that “this is the first secure evidence for their use of cosmetics. The use of these complex recipes is new. It’s more than body painting.” Previous evidence of this make-up use was found in Africa where Neanderthals may have been using black sticks of the pigment manganese for body paint.

It is also speculated that the shells may have been used as jewellery but as make-up containers, yellow pigment they could have been used as foundation as well as red power mixed with a stunning black mineral can be used to indicated that Neanderthals were not as dim-witted as they have been generalized to be.

Though Professor Zilhao doubts that the popular ideology of Neanderthal ‘caveman mentality’ will dispel, he hopes “the association of these findings with Neanderthals is rock-solid and people have to draw the associations and bury this view of Neanderthals as half-wits.”

Cosmetics à la caveman, interesting! It does give us new evidence about our ancestors and how they play a part of how we live today


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