Musée De L’Éroticisme

Only in France, only in France.

Antonio Fischetti and Charb have created an exhibition that has been described as a funny lexical tour of sex. It forms one of three parts of the triple exhibition dedicated to Charlie Hebdo.

The decline of births, Mother’s Day, pills for men or terrorism act as excellent subjects for politically incorrect covers. For example,

A big man with a moustache on all fours is nude, under the title ” Naked girl that makes it sell “. An old woman sits with naked buttocks reading the headlines of a weekly magazine, titled ” Finally a newspaper without an ass! ” which were all made in the spirit of Charlie, especially this last one dedicated to Tarzan who was created by Edgar Burroughs in 1912.

The society that manages the exploitative rights of his image have signed a contract guaranteeing a good perception to be made of their heros. “He can’t be disrespectful to God neither to his powerful attributes, nor be insensitive to the sanctity of marriage, religion or encourage illicit sexual activities”.

Charlie censured this responding with a savoury and irreverent image of a crucified, ridiculed and crushed on Tarzan whether he be in the supermarket or in the sexual act.

We translated from the original site so it seems as if Charlie was a satirist famed for his depictions of controversial politically incorrect images.

40 years of Covers: the triple exposition Charlie Hebdo, Musée de l’érotisme will be presented in Paris until May 31, 2010.

What do you think?


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