The Blind Side Is A Shining Beacon Of Light

The Tuohy Family

Michael Oher

The Tuohy‘s are the family that inspired the film The Blind Side. Even if this family is considerably affluent, there is nothing in the film or in interviews that would suggest that they possess anything other than the brightest hearts of gold.

The story of Michael Oher is heart-breaking, inspirational and uplifting. Not often have we seen church-going people or families depicted in films except in a fanatical or hypocritical light. Here, we are introduced to a family that accepted this boy with no family, support or connections and made him a part of their family.

Leanne, Michael’s adoptive mother does say that certain artistic liberties were taken in certain scenes but that their story is true. The only criticism Michael would admit however, was that he was depicted as a ”babe in the woods” in reference to his football skills, something he says is not true. Haha!

Now, he is an offensive lineman for the Baltimore Ravens and if you’ve seen his plays, he is clearly NOT a babe in the woods but a ”bully with a nasty streak” when described by others.

Good job Fox News (finally)


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