Weatherproof Uses Obama In Their Billboard Without His Knowledge

This is the billboard for Weatherproof at the corner of 41st St. and 7th Ave. in Manhattan with a picture of the President Obama in China.

Though the President looks good on a poster, which no one would deny, the White House is not so amused! A representative for the White House said, “This ad is clearly misleading because the company suggests the approval or endorsement of the president or the White House that it does not have.”

Freddie Stollmack, president of Weatherproof defended the usage of Obama’s image stating that in his presidential visit to China, he recognized the jacket and investigated. “With a magnifying glass, we saw our logo and zipper pull, and we said, ‘That’s our coat.’ ” He continues, “Is it a calculated risk? Not being an attorney — I’m being, really, a designer, merchandiser guy in the apparel business — I would leave that to the attorneys or whatever. We’re not saying President Obama endorses Weatherproof apparel. If we were to get a letter or a call from the White House saying they didn’t approve of it or they didn’t like it or whatever, or they see it as an ad, we’ll do whatever we have to do. We’re not looking to alienate the White House.”

Even though an injunction could be sought against Weatherproof by President Obama, a partner at Flaster Greenberg in Philadelphia said, “the advice any good lawyer will give is sometimes there are fights not worth fighting and if Barack Obama were to win this fight, he would in fact be rewarding the bad actor, simply because the fight itself”.

Technically that could mean all companies could do the same and use any one who wears their clothes to endorse their apparel. It doesn’t mean everyone should though.


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