How To Remember Tumours/Cancer Better: Your Cellphone

Fox News. Trashy news. All day. All the time.

A new study has been conducted in favour of cell phones and their effect on individuals’ memory, in specific, Alzheimer’s Disease. It is said that cell phones reverse the effects of the disease.

Great except there was another study conducted some time ago stating that cell phone use without a headset causes tumours and brain cancer.

It becomes irrelevant then that Alzheimer’s is prevented because it is replaced with the risk of something decidedly more dangerous.

Even though this doctor said this in 2008, there have been subsequent studies supporting this evidence.

To prevent this or at least reduce your risk, just wear a headset, or use your cellphone on speakerphone even if there are ‘many other cancer risks’ out there.

For Alzheimer’s prevention or rather improvement of memory, a Mediterranean diet rich in fish, mono-unsaturated fats, fruits, and vegetables has been noted by the ”Current Opinion in Clinical Nutrition and Metabolic Care as being ”associated with slower cognitive decline” as well as a “reduced risk of Alzheimer’s disease” as per a study released this Thursday.


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